10 Abilities

Player Seeker
Fires missles that seeks players. 25 damage. 1 sec cooldown.
Uses: 26 (19.85%)     Wins: 16 (12.21%)     Win Percentage: 61.54%
Most often used with  CannonMouse SeekerShotgunForce FieldBlastersTurret
Mouse Seeker
Bullet follows mouse currsor. 45 damage. 1 sec cooldown.
Uses: 16 (12.21%)     Wins: 8 (6.11%)     Win Percentage: 50%
Most often used with  Player SeekerBlastersTurretGrenade LauncherTeleportHealth Blasters
Charge for 1 sec then fire three big blaster bullets. 3.5 sec cooldown. Bullets do 60 damage.
Uses: 43 (32.82%)     Wins: 20 (15.27%)     Win Percentage: 46.51%
Most often used with  BlastersPlayer SeekerForce FieldDashShotgunVacuum
Rapid fire blaster weapon. 12 damage. 250ms cooldown.
Uses: 129 (98.47%)     Wins: 55 (41.98%)     Win Percentage: 42.64%
Most often used with  Grenade LauncherShotgunCannonHealth BlastersDashHeal
Burst fire blaster weapon. Fires 10 blaster bullets. 1.5 sec cooldown.
Uses: 131 (100%)     Wins: 53 (40.46%)     Win Percentage: 40.46%
Most often used with  Grenade LauncherBlastersTeleportDashCannonPlayer Seeker
Grenade Launcher
Launch a grenade that is detonated next time you fire the ability. Grenades explode immediately if they contact a player or wall. Does up to 90 damage based on how close the explosion is. 5 sec cooldown.
Uses: 105 (80.15%)     Wins: 37 (28.24%)     Win Percentage: 35.24%
Most often used with  BlastersShotgunHealth BlastersTeleportRageStun Gun
Shield Blasters
1.5 times as much damage to shields as regular blasters but a quarter as much damage to health.
Uses: 11 (8.4%)     Wins: 3 (2.29%)     Win Percentage: 27.27%
Most often used with  Health BlastersBlastersRageSlicerShotgunSlam
Health Blasters
Rapid fire blaster weapon. 1.5 times as much damage to health as regular blasters but a quarter as much damage to shields.
Uses: 19 (14.5%)     Wins: 5 (3.82%)     Win Percentage: 26.32%
Most often used with  BlastersShield BlastersShotgunGrenade LauncherRageSilencer
Vortex Launcher
Launch a vortex grenade in front of you. When it goes off it sucks nearby objects towards it and stuns them. 1 sec stun duration. 250 radius. 5 sec cooldown.
Uses: 9 (6.87%)     Wins: 1 (0.76%)     Win Percentage: 11.11%
Most often used with  BlastersCannonTurretTeleportPlayer SeekerHeal
Area of EffectProjectilesControl
Stun Gun
Stun enemies from a distance. 1.5 sec stun duration. 2.5 sec cooldown.
Uses: 9 (6.87%)     Wins: 0 (0%)     Win Percentage: 0%
Most often used with  Grenade LauncherFreeze TrapHealth BlastersDashShotgunTeleport