3 Abilities

Force Field
Creates a shield that causes bullets to ricochet off and can damage shooter. 2 sec duration. 6 sec cooldown.
Uses: 43 (8.13%)     Wins: 16 (3.02%)     Win Percentage: 37.21%
Most often used with  BlastersTurretShotgunHealPlayer SeekerGrenade Launcher
Mine Dropper
Drop a bomb behind your player. Bomb explodes if it contacts another player. 15 bombs max. 2.5 sec cooldown.
Uses: 73 (13.8%)     Wins: 30 (5.67%)     Win Percentage: 41.1%
Most often used with  ShotgunBlastersTeleportTurretCannonGrenade Launcher
Area of EffectDefense
Create a turret that fires at closest enemy. 12 sec cooldown. Bullets do 8 damage. 90 Health.
Uses: 163 (30.81%)     Wins: 96 (18.15%)     Win Percentage: 58.9%
Most often used with  BlastersShotgunPlayer SeekerTeleportMine DropperHealth Blasters