Bot Battles


Mr Space Bros:  Hello?  8:47:45 PM
Z:  hi  8:49:02 PM
Dio:  ayy  8:49:06 PM
Z:  Front page works but not the game  8:49:08 PM
Dio:  we got chat to work  8:49:09 PM
shadow:  yo  8:49:11 PM
shadow:  play?  8:49:24 PM
Z:  you guys checkout the changelog?  8:49:36 PM
shadow:  nope whats that?  8:49:43 PM
Mr Space Bros:  ^on the discord  8:49:45 PM
hasoon:  this game doesnt work  8:49:49 PM
shadow:  doesnt work?  8:49:54 PM
hasoon:  i click play nothing happens?  8:50:00 PM
Mr Space Bros:  The recent update sort of broke it  8:50:09 PM
shadow:  try again  8:50:09 PM
Z:  just hang on on minute :)  8:50:14 PM
hasoon:  ok!  8:50:16 PM
Mr Space Bros:  We are trying to fix the problem  8:50:17 PM
Z:  the game just updated a bunch  8:50:17 PM
Z:  the server is having some problems  8:50:20 PM
Z:  itll be up in a few  8:50:23 PM
Skeletary:  end my life  8:50:37 PM
Z:  If you guys arent in the discord, come check it out to see the changelog  8:50:45 PM
Mr Space Bros:  8:50:51 PM
Z:  bunch of updates just changed  8:50:54 PM
Z:  its up now :D  8:51:25 PM
Z:  you should be good to play now hasoon  8:51:31 PM
hasoon:  hey sick, thank you  8:51:51 PM
shadow:  what did you update?  8:52:11 PM
Z:  A bunch, ill post here  8:52:36 PM
Z:  1 sec  8:52:37 PM
Z:  Limit turrets to 4  8:52:46 PM
Z:  Max shield increases by 10 when someone destroys another bot.  8:52:51 PM
Z:  Chat  8:52:57 PM
Z:  Show bots name above it ingame.  8:53:03 PM
Z:  Turret from 100 to 90 health.  8:53:08 PM
Z:  Blasters from 13 to 12 damage.  8:53:13 PM
Z:  Player seeker from 27 to 25 damage.  8:53:18 PM
Z:  Slicer from 2.5 to 2.3 damage.  8:53:23 PM
Z:  Silencer from 2.5 to 3 sec cooldown.  8:53:28 PM
Z:  Stun gun from 1 to 1.5 sec stun.  8:53:34 PM
Dio:  stun gun  8:53:56 PM
Dio:  2.5 sec cd  8:53:59 PM
Dio:  1.5 sec stun?  8:54:02 PM
Dio:  lmao  8:54:03 PM
Z:  yeah  8:54:23 PM
Z:  Lets see how it goes haha  8:54:28 PM
shadow:  lol  8:55:01 PM
Dio:  wait  8:55:10 PM
Dio:  can u stunlock now?  8:55:13 PM
Z:  Also I started a "community balance initiative" in the discord  8:55:26 PM
Z:  if you want to submit your balance suggestions, and vote on other peoples  8:55:33 PM
Z:  then if enough people think something is too powerful / too weak, it can be changed  8:55:43 PM
Z:  and its possible, lets try it out?  8:56:06 PM
Dio:  one thing u might consider  8:56:25 PM
Dio:  is putting symbols on a player when they get afflicted by a status  8:56:45 PM
Dio:  bc its kind of hard to tell if ur stunned/rooted/silenced  8:56:56 PM
Z:  hmm thats a good idea  8:57:02 PM
Z:  Will go tell people on discord  8:57:16 PM
ASTROBOSS:  will pinging @Bot Battles Moderators work?  8:57:37 PM
Z:  in here? no  8:58:01 PM
Z:  on discord yeah  8:58:03 PM
ASTROBOSS:  was just wondering if you could ping on discord from here  8:58:44 PM
Dio:  nice  9:02:54 PM
Dio:  looks like putting registration restriction  9:03:03 PM
Dio:  on chat  9:03:05 PM
Dio:  made a lot of ppl sign up or at least log in?  9:03:14 PM
Sans:  hey  9:03:59 PM
Dio:  all these blaster builds  9:07:39 PM
Z:  Well blasters was just nerfed  9:09:05 PM
Z:  so should be weaker  9:09:07 PM
Dan:  Updated. Fixed teleport. Stun gun reverted and speed changed from 0.8 to 1.  9:18:38 PM
Mr Space Bros:  Nice!  9:20:02 PM
Z:  great changes  9:24:55 PM
Mr Space Bros:  ***does this work***  9:29:37 PM
Mr Space Bros:  Neat  9:29:51 PM
Mr Space Bros:  This should too  9:30:02 PM
Mr Space Bros:  NVM  9:30:40 PM
Kaithepi:  anyone else unable to join a match?  10:08:12 PM
DD:  yes  10:59:55 PM
Z:  hey  11:01:22 PM
Z:  let m take a look  11:01:24 PM
Z:  Hmm seems to work for me  11:02:27 PM
Z:  what platform are you using?  11:02:34 PM
Ryu:  hi  11:25:30 PM
YoutubeZK612:  ur mom poo  12:14:13 AM
YoutubeZK612:  yhujidifko  12:15:15 AM
big boy brother:  your mom is poopy  12:22:01 AM
Z:  lets keep this place a bit more mature thanks :D  12:27:13 AM
Xonaz:  no oe wants to play with me ;_;  1:01:54 AM
ASTROBOSS:  ur too good :)  1:03:37 AM
Xonaz:  no one like a teloporting slicer vaccum  1:06:02 AM
ASTROBOSS:  haha I used to do that  1:10:58 AM
ASTROBOSS:  then msb and others chewed me out for it :(  1:11:16 AM
ASTROBOSS:  ||does this do anything||  1:11:34 AM
ASTROBOSS:  haha it works  1:11:41 AM
ASTROBOSS:  in discord  1:11:44 AM
T.K.:  ||yes it does do something||  1:12:22 AM
T.K.:  ||in discord||  1:12:33 AM
ASTROBOSS:  *sigh*  1:12:47 AM
T.K.:  how new is this chat  1:13:15 AM
T.K.:  ||*sigh*||  1:13:36 AM
Xonaz:  lol  1:21:56 AM
Xonaz:  so revive is not working  1:27:37 AM
Dan:  the cooldown must be full for revive to work  1:51:36 AM
Z:  Seems to be working, we just tested it  1:51:45 AM
blindlemoneyes:  ok  2:26:49 AM
blindlemoneyes:  z  3:05:31 AM
Z:  Yep?  3:07:16 AM
Dio:  is kermitwithashotgun here  3:43:51 AM
Dio:  im sorry for bulli  3:43:57 AM
Dio:  trying to get elo but nobody is logged on  3:44:06 AM
KermitWithAShotgun:  yes  3:46:11 AM
KermitWithAShotgun:  Im here  3:46:16 AM
KermitWithAShotgun:  its fine  3:46:32 AM
Z:  If anyone has any suggestions for game balance, or new abilities  3:53:23 AM
Z:  come check out our discord server!  3:53:30 AM
Z:  Very open to feedback right now, as the game is still new  3:53:44 AM
lxHarveyxl:  wait  3:59:22 AM
lxHarveyxl:  rage + revive is op  3:59:26 AM
Z:  is it?  3:59:41 AM
lxHarveyxl:  pretty sure rage reset revive cd  3:59:48 AM
lxHarveyxl:  yet rage is only on 12 sec cd  3:59:55 AM
lxHarveyxl:  resets*  4:00:01 AM
Z:  It does but doesnt it undo the revive charge after rage wears off?  4:00:05 AM
Z:  very true tho makes you invincible during rage  4:00:27 AM
lxHarveyxl:  well if you learn to time it they would have to kill you before that 12 sec cd resets  4:02:00 AM
Z:  yeah that could be a good strategy potentially  4:02:15 AM
Z:  it does use up 2 of your abilities though, leaving you with only one  4:02:25 AM
Z:  are you having good luck with it?  4:02:28 AM
Scorpion King:  Guys, My rating is NaN  4:03:20 AM
Scorpion King:  Whats going on  4:03:25 AM
lxHarveyxl:  currently using cannon as my only weapon  4:05:00 AM
lxHarveyxl:  working quite well for now  4:05:10 AM
Scorpion King:  Are there mods here? I think my account is corrupt  4:05:42 AM
Z:  Hey scorpion  4:05:48 AM
Scorpion King:  My rating says "NaN"  4:06:07 AM
Scorpion King:  4:06:12 AM
Dio:  u gotta play a game right?  4:06:16 AM
Dio:  or something  4:06:20 AM
Scorpion King:  I played 2  4:06:20 AM
Dio:  to get placed  4:06:21 AM
Scorpion King:  I won 1 and lost the other  4:06:25 AM
Dio:  not sure how many  4:06:27 AM
Z:  Ahh  4:06:31 AM
Z:  so the reason is you only get rating for beating / dieing to other logged in players  4:06:39 AM
Z:  it looks like youve only killd guests  4:06:46 AM
Scorpion King:  oh...  4:06:46 AM
Z:  and been killed by guests  4:06:49 AM
Scorpion King:  Thank you  4:06:59 AM
Z:  fight dio and that will change :P  4:07:00 AM
Z:  yep no problem  4:07:03 AM
Z:  Come check out the discord server if you have any other game feedback :)  4:07:13 AM
Scorpion King:  Whats Discord?  4:11:35 AM
Z:  bottom right hand corner of main game page is a button  4:11:51 AM
Z:  its a thirdparty website for game communities  4:12:05 AM
Z:  its like IRC if you know what that is  4:12:21 AM
Z:  but more modern, and gamerfocused  4:12:28 AM
Scorpion King:  Whats IRC?  4:12:48 AM
Z:  Its an old (1980s 1990s) chat program people used to use  4:13:24 AM
Z:  to send text messages to eachother in the early days of the internet  4:13:35 AM
Scorpion King:  Oh... How do I use discord?  4:14:09 AM
Scorpion King:  What do I do?  4:14:13 AM
Z:  ok so you are on the front page right?  4:14:18 AM
Scorpion King:  Am I?  4:14:24 AM
Z:  in the bottom right corner do you see 4 buttons?  4:14:26 AM
Scorpion King:  Yes  4:14:30 AM
Z:  click the one that says "discord"  4:14:35 AM
Scorpion King:  It has a capital D, is that okay?  4:14:46 AM
Z:  Yes thats fine haha  4:15:01 AM
Scorpion King:  okay  4:15:07 AM
Scorpion King:  Do I need an account?  4:15:11 AM
Z:  I think so... im not actually sure, maybe not  4:15:22 AM
Z:  you dont need an email though  4:15:43 AM
Scorpion King:  This game is nice  4:35:52 AM
Z:  yes it is :D  4:36:20 AM
ASTROBOSS:  :)  4:36:28 AM
ASTROBOSS:  yup  4:36:31 AM
Major:  Anyone wanna plat?  4:44:01 AM
Major:  play*  4:44:09 AM
Major:  /  4:44:17 AM
ASTROBOSS:  yes  4:45:03 AM
Major:  ok  4:45:44 AM
Major:  make irt  4:46:03 AM
Major:  it*  4:46:07 AM
ASTROBOSS:  gg harvey  4:50:11 AM
lxHarveyxl:  :c  4:50:16 AM
ASTROBOSS:  :P  4:50:20 AM
ASTROBOSS:  aw harvey :(  4:54:05 AM
Nuu_Nuu:  hallow  8:20:32 AM
itssid23lol:  am ur dad  9:24:05 AM
orion:  bruh  10:14:22 AM
larbi 94:  wsh  12:41:28 PM
Joji:  fuck u r mam  2:46:48 PM
Joji:  u pussi ass bitches  2:46:52 PM
Dio:  whos logged in rn?  5:26:17 PM
Yeet:  No one  5:34:11 PM
Dio:  smh at people using revive rage  5:34:58 PM
Azteko:  yeah  5:36:22 PM
Azteko:  need only to pay attempion when im dying  5:36:50 PM
Dio:  its so boring to play tho  5:37:13 PM
Dio:  and to play against  5:37:15 PM
Dio:  also  5:42:14 PM
Dio:  it instaloses to melee  5:42:19 PM
Dio:  lol  5:42:19 PM
Azteko:  the combo is good, im the problem  5:42:45 PM
Dio:  its really not that good tho  5:42:53 PM
Dio:  just annoying  5:42:56 PM
Dio:  strong vs blaster builds  5:43:14 PM
Dio:  or builds with low kill potential  5:43:19 PM
Dio:  but bad vs everything else  5:43:23 PM
KCD X DADDY YT:  hey big daddy  5:49:27 PM
Dio:  aztec  5:50:17 PM
Dio:  u coulda killed him lol  5:50:21 PM
Azteko:  i did not  5:50:30 PM
Dio:  if u run into his mines  5:50:36 PM
Dio:  u had higher hp  5:50:38 PM
Dio:  he wouldve died first  5:50:43 PM
Azteko:  maybe  5:50:49 PM
Dio:  its a viable strategy vs mines  5:51:01 PM
Dio:  stop teaming  6:03:44 PM
Dio:  lmfao  6:03:45 PM
Azteko:  who cares? they lose anyway  6:05:04 PM
Dio:  its just annoying  6:05:45 PM
Dio:  as fuck  6:05:47 PM
Dio:  gg shadow  6:11:19 PM
Dio:  almost had me  6:11:25 PM
shadow:  yah...  6:19:58 PM
Dio:  sorry for bulli  6:24:23 PM
Dio:  after i get  6:24:29 PM
Dio:  #1  6:24:32 PM
Dio:  ill log off  6:24:34 PM
Dio:  5 points away  6:39:36 PM
shadow:  wooooow  6:42:38 PM
shadow:  ggg  6:42:39 PM
shadow:  finally  6:42:42 PM
shadow:  fuck yeah  6:42:44 PM
Dio:  so annoying  6:42:47 PM
shadow:  awesome game dude  6:42:50 PM
shadow:  you are annoying!!!  6:42:54 PM
shadow:  i was about to say something bad to you  6:43:03 PM
shadow:  :D  6:43:04 PM
shadow:  but then finally...  6:43:08 PM
Dio:  3 second silence on 4 sec cd  6:43:09 PM
shadow:  :P  6:43:14 PM
Dio:  and tp is on 4 seconds  6:43:20 PM
Dio:  so i have 1 sec to do dmg to you  6:43:25 PM
Dio:  :/  6:43:27 PM
shadow:  yeah unballanced.....  6:43:28 PM
shadow:  and your fcking ball and gravity dude  6:43:38 PM
shadow:  fck that  6:43:42 PM
shadow:  its like not even take stills to land  6:43:52 PM
shadow:  my cannon is so hard to aim with tp  6:44:01 PM
shadow:  come again?  6:44:11 PM
Dio:  i mean  6:46:26 PM
Dio:  i instantly lose flowchart to tp  6:46:32 PM
Dio:  because its instant  6:46:38 PM
shadow:  :P  6:46:43 PM
Dio:  after they add telegraph next patch  6:46:44 PM
shadow:  ohh  6:46:50 PM
shadow:  that sounds cool  6:46:56 PM
Dio:  yeah  6:46:58 PM
Dio:  so it shows  6:47:00 PM
shadow:  will they add more guns?  6:47:03 PM
Dio:  where its gonna tp to  6:47:03 PM
Dio:  yeah i think so  6:47:06 PM
shadow:  and 2v2 or 3v3?  6:47:07 PM
Dio:  they;re gonna add  6:47:10 PM
Dio:  a mortar  6:47:12 PM
shadow:  wow  6:47:15 PM
shadow:  will they add bigger maps?  6:47:25 PM
Dio:  and a movement ability that walks through walls, maybe not next patch but its on the horizon  6:47:37 PM
Dio:  2v2 and 3v3 are also being planned but the first priority is balancing and weapons i think  6:48:05 PM
Dio:  AYY  6:49:31 PM
Dio:  RANK 1  6:49:33 PM
Dio:  ggs shadow  6:49:49 PM
Dio:  theres a discord  6:50:03 PM
Dio:  and a trello  6:50:05 PM
Dio:  if u wanna know more  6:50:08 PM
Dio:  about what dan is planning to add  6:50:17 PM
shadow:  ok  6:53:05 PM
shadow:  thanks  6:53:06 PM
shadow:  bye  6:53:07 PM
lukilla:  did everyone just logout?  2:50:32 AM
Z:  Hi  3:01:18 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Hi  3:09:58 AM
Scorpion King:  Where is everyone?  3:35:39 AM
tvhieu242:  is there anyone?  5:03:22 AM
tvhieu242:  is this dead game?  5:03:43 AM
tvhieu242:  :(  5:03:46 AM
Z:  Nope not dead  5:05:37 AM
Z:  just not too busy right now  5:05:44 AM
Z:  its late in north america  5:05:48 AM
Wingedbird:  hello  5:30:05 AM
Wingedbird:  what am i getting into here  5:30:19 AM
nghĩa chí:  hello :D  5:38:27 AM
Wingedbird:  heyyy  5:40:17 AM
nghĩa chí:  huh  5:51:21 AM
robotxd:  hi  7:12:28 AM
pilo:  hi  11:13:48 AM
isaac1234:  sup  12:19:45 PM
Fat Damel:  jo  1:37:46 PM
Fat Damel:  2 eu  1:37:49 PM
Fat Damel:  2 ez  1:37:51 PM
KCD X DADDY YT:  yo  3:18:41 PM
H3NR!:  kcd x daddy trash  3:25:52 PM
H3NR!:  yooooo  3:27:22 PM
H3NR!:  u trash  3:27:26 PM
KCD X DADDY YT:  how  3:34:34 PM
KCD X DADDY YT:  your trash as hell  3:34:44 PM
Zockwrtv:  hi  3:40:28 PM
Dio:  anyone here logged in?  5:27:49 PM
tyPzToporem:  hi  6:19:42 PM
tyPzToporem:  lpl  6:24:49 PM
tyPzToporem:  lol  6:24:52 PM
tyPzToporem:  bye  6:25:35 PM
Warriorofgunz:  what is  6:55:32 PM
Nigga:  wrawe  6:55:41 PM
pussboiplatoon:  dadw  6:56:53 PM
Klip:  pussy  7:06:20 PM
pussboiplatoon:  adkjishabwd  7:13:51 PM
Z:  Dont spam please, thanks :)  7:19:40 PM
Nigga:  lez go boid  7:45:05 PM
Nigga:  1v1v1 me kid  7:52:55 PM
bad_robot1337:  hey guys. great game, but I always lost connection to the server. What do am I wrong?  9:18:27 PM
bad_robot1337:  always losing connection :(  9:44:34 PM
APat:  hi  10:31:25 PM
Daddy Sk:  hi  12:00:19 AM
Daddy Sk:  well tht was fun lol  12:01:57 AM
MemeusCleetus141:  Ello  12:03:08 AM
Daddy Sk:  halo  12:06:39 AM
MemeusCleetus141:  memes  12:11:35 AM
killahkik:  this game is easy  12:11:39 AM
Daddy Sk:  oh yeah? 1v1 me then  12:16:23 AM
killahkik:  i already beat u  12:17:03 AM
Daddy Sk:  then it shouldnt be a problem  12:19:29 AM
Daddy Sk:  12:19:40 AM
killahkik:  im on steam  12:20:00 AM
killahkik:  bye  12:20:16 AM
nepstries:  hi!  1:18:16 AM
Breyer101:  Whats the best weapons to use? Im new  1:52:25 AM
Tantherias:  Beep. just downloaded game.  3:14:38 AM
vvvRavenvvv:  welcome a board  5:23:49 AM
TomFoolery:  gg man  5:50:48 AM
Azteko:  are slicer and smasher almost the same weapon?  12:31:06 PM
Iaconoo:  anyone wants to play?  12:47:21 PM
kaykay:  hi people  1:44:54 PM
Shadow158:  can some one play  3:10:18 PM
knir_:  4:13:47 PM
knir_:  how do you play online  4:14:01 PM
Veruuu.exe:  asdasdasd  6:30:53 PM
AntonioPizza:  hfghf  6:31:06 PM
Veruuu.exe:  coglione  6:31:11 PM
Survivor:  idk  7:30:14 PM
ZgegZer:  yo  7:55:11 PM
ZgegZer:  salu l gar ca di koi  7:55:30 PM
Tailledepenisnonconforme:  slt  7:55:40 PM
Tailledepenisnonconforme:  slt  7:56:01 PM
Tailledepenisnonconforme:  sly  7:56:06 PM
The hulk:  what up  7:56:38 PM
Tailledepenisnonconforme:  7:56:45 PM
Heatthebattle:  Best Build: Left Mouse: Slicer Right Mouse: Smasher Space bar: Vacuum  8:53:54 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  Lol  9:17:45 PM
Weenis:  Wish spectators could chat  9:19:10 PM
Weenis:  i would do play by play  9:19:19 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  Time to get cancerous :D  9:32:10 PM
Weenis:  Come on now Cleetus. Disconnecting right before you die?  9:32:33 PM
Weenis:  Youre better than that  9:32:42 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  Um, Im not actually.  9:33:42 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  So...  9:33:44 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  FALSE STATEMENT  9:33:47 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  Lol leaving a counter to your sentence?  9:34:03 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  Now YOUR better than that.  9:34:09 PM
Weenis:  Double false  9:34:31 PM
Weenis:  Double reverse false  9:34:55 PM
Weenis:  My point stands  9:35:00 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  Weenis dont think your slick.  9:38:29 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  I saw the spectate board.  9:38:34 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  You were studying my tatics.  9:38:43 PM
Weenis:  No need to study them they sell them at the dollar store  9:41:45 PM
Weenis:  :D  9:42:16 PM
J.G:  lol  10:31:20 PM
EN_RI:  fucking +100 ping  10:38:49 PM
Weenis:  Freeze + Cannon = Cyberbullying  10:42:15 PM
EN_RI:  XD  10:43:10 PM
Weenis:  Or Cryobullying I guess works too  10:47:40 PM
Gray SkiYT:  that cringey  12:38:56 AM
VuLtUrE_rAsCaL06:  too much fukin ping  1:12:17 AM
Mr Space Bros:  How much?  1:12:24 AM
VuLtUrE_rAsCaL06:  200+  1:13:56 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Wow  1:14:08 AM
VuLtUrE_rAsCaL06:  i know right  1:14:20 AM
Dan:  the server is in New York  1:14:25 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Not sure what to recommend besides the usual get closer to router  1:14:41 AM
Dan:  test  3:38:54 AM
Fantomp:  Hi  3:42:40 AM
Z:  hi  4:23:05 AM
Scorpion King:  hi  4:35:49 AM
Fantomp:  Hi  4:42:38 AM
Fantomp:  bye i gtg  5:05:18 AM
Scorpion King:  Bye Bye  5:06:49 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Please stop teaming, seriously annoying  5:39:03 AM
Melech Kushner:  three games in a row disconnect  5:40:38 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Dang, that sucks  5:41:20 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Is it the games fault?  5:41:49 AM
Melech Kushner:  i have 5g my man  5:42:33 AM
Melech Kushner:  my brain tumor is evidence  5:42:45 AM
Mr Space Bros:  So not your fault, are you being rate limited?  5:43:07 AM
Mr Space Bros:  If you press a button SUPER fast, basically humanly impossible you will be forced out  5:43:27 AM
Melech Kushner:  ah that might be what happened then, it happened to other players earlier  5:43:52 AM
Mr Space Bros:  If you are clicking fast to fire quickly, holding the button also works  5:44:18 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Feel free to tell others because they might not ask here  5:44:30 AM
Melech Kushner:  yeah thank you  5:44:38 AM
Melech Kushner:  and sorry for ganging :(  5:44:55 AM
Mr Space Bros:  No Problem! Im always happy to help  5:44:56 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Its fine, I understand it was the biggest threat. At least be discreet about it though haha  5:45:41 AM
jet400:  selamun aleykum  8:09:50 AM
IndoGolem:  alaykum selam  9:01:38 AM
IndoGolem:  is there ayone?  9:05:18 AM
sam:  hfgjhfjhf  9:45:54 AM
sam:  hi  9:46:07 AM
NewPlayer1:  hello?  11:52:38 AM
NewPlayer1:  anyone?  12:04:36 PM
NewPlayer1:  :  12:04:39 PM
uh huh YT:  hi  12:25:40 PM
roboderp776:  anyone on  12:27:02 PM
Fantomp:  Hello  12:54:47 PM
KING_DJ:  hey  2:00:06 PM
GGGD:  sup  2:01:15 PM
SpaceFox12:  what weapon shoots rockets that follow you?  2:44:23 PM
Azteko:  player seeker  2:45:21 PM
Azteko:  and  2:45:23 PM
Azteko:  mouse seeker  2:45:28 PM
SpaceFox12:  ok thanks  2:45:34 PM
TEAM:  who wants to play a game?  3:35:02 PM
Deathbot12345:  ill play a game  3:38:01 PM
Kapok:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0perfectbobcat74  4:18:35 PM
reovent:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0perfectbobcat74  4:25:00 PM
KCD X DADDY YT:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0luckybadger53  6:11:11 PM
Tornado:  Hi azteko  8:03:20 PM
Azteko:  hi  8:03:46 PM
Tornado:  want to join my game  8:04:08 PM
Azteko:  where are you?  8:09:38 PM
tricepking:  where are you  12:04:27 AM
kingkoopa2468:  hey is there a way to lower volume?  1:29:21 AM
Scorpion King:  No way to mess with volume yet, but soon most likely  1:51:20 AM
Perséfone:  Is there a way to change the resolution of the game?  1:54:52 AM
Scorpion King:  Nope  1:57:05 AM
Scorpion King:  Feel free to request it in our discord  1:57:16 AM
Scorpion King:  I personally dont like the site but others like it  1:57:32 AM
Scorpion King:  Ive only heard good things  1:57:47 AM
help me...:  help  8:39:09 AM
help me...:  i cant leave the gamr  8:39:16 AM
help me...:  HOW DO I LEAVE THE GAME PLEASE  8:39:28 AM
illya:  Hello  9:36:36 AM
illya:  ?  9:36:40 AM
illya:  ey  9:42:41 AM
H3NR!:  hello  12:32:25 PM
KING_DJ:  what?  1:34:01 PM
KING_DJ:  hey  1:40:35 PM
headhot1:  sup  2:33:17 PM
nanatshi_master:  hi  3:56:52 PM
hoovy:  im freinly  4:42:03 PM
hoovy:  join me  4:42:10 PM
hoovy:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0wickedmule10  4:42:43 PM
hoovy:  that my team  4:42:52 PM
uh huh YT:  hi  6:17:45 PM
Samuel132:  hola  7:03:11 PM
Samuel132:  hola  7:07:27 PM
Tornado:  anybody join my team  8:40:20 PM
Tornado:  the site is https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0massiveladybug62  8:41:11 PM
Tornado:  no time  8:55:16 PM
Tornado:  deleted it  8:55:22 PM
Breyer101:  Im better than fist daddy at least I can fight  12:55:07 AM
Xonaz:  bro just becuase i dont fight head on, dosent make me any better or worst then u  1:52:55 AM
Xonaz:  ur just salty u got ur butt woped by a freeze,silence,emp build  1:53:29 AM
3DPinball:  hi  5:28:53 AM
howlongismyname:  hi  5:34:53 AM
GrobarJozek:  hi  6:40:46 AM
3DPinball:  hi  7:51:24 AM
3DPinball:  hi  8:07:24 AM
Defender66:  hi  9:20:49 AM
tyPzToporem:  hi  1:15:50 PM
tyPzToporem:  why  2:19:22 PM
illya442:  hello?  3:39:48 PM
Tornado:  hi  4:04:55 PM
illya442:  ?  4:06:15 PM
illya442:  tyt ect ryckue  4:06:44 PM
AdamBoi:  da  6:09:35 PM
AdamBoi:  ect  6:09:44 PM
Z:  Hi everyone  6:10:16 PM
Z:  anyone playing?  6:10:19 PM
Z:  gg adam  6:11:46 PM
Z:  :)  6:11:48 PM
AdamBoi:  da blat  6:13:58 PM
Last_Viking:  Slish mudilo ne materis pri russkih tovarishah  6:21:37 PM
Last_Viking:  Ya tebe pokazhu Kuzkina mother epta  6:22:04 PM
jkbobby:  hi  8:33:06 PM
reyjkl:  hi  9:35:43 PM
nguyenhoangkaka4:  hello !  12:04:37 AM
nguyenhoangkaka4:  iam from Vit Nam  12:05:15 AM
Z:  hi  12:40:04 AM
Z:  im from canada  12:40:05 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  hi iam from uganda  12:40:59 AM
cinna_bacon:  i am from Canada  2:03:16 AM
ISRAEVIL:  hi  5:14:35 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  hi  5:14:56 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Vulls and sEsUg4m4r Please stop teaming  5:44:37 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  mr space bros  5:45:56 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  team uo then  5:46:04 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  up  5:46:08 AM
Mr Space Bros:  No, it just ruins the game  5:46:25 AM
Mr Space Bros:  We can however get them IP banned  5:46:37 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  mr space bros  5:48:29 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  dash is 4 pussys  5:48:39 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Keep it civil here  5:49:04 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  jk bruh  5:49:11 AM
Mr Space Bros:  (Keep in mind there is no official mods here)  5:49:15 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  so how can we  5:49:28 AM
Mr Space Bros:  however there are 3 or so people with accounts with special abilities  5:49:30 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  }get ppl banned  5:49:33 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  oic  5:49:41 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  nice  5:49:43 AM
Mr Space Bros:  no official mod role in here I guess  5:49:46 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  ur too good  5:49:51 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  thats why ur rank 1  5:49:59 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  nice  5:50:04 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Thanks!  5:51:20 AM
Mr Space Bros:  There are people who Im basically tied with in skill, Z and dio are the main ones  5:51:43 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Scorpion King is also pretty good  5:51:55 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Took 2 of ya haha  5:53:30 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  nice bro  5:53:54 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  gonna spend time in here  5:54:00 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  so fun  5:54:02 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  however  5:54:09 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  its a shame that there are few players  5:54:22 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Join our discord!  5:56:33 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Our main goal for now is to build a decent community of players  5:56:51 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  how can i join  5:57:26 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  where r u from?  5:57:35 AM
Mr Space Bros:  The box that says "Discord" in the bottom right  6:01:44 AM
Mr Space Bros:  I am from the mysteries of the internet...  6:01:53 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  i ask because maybe english is not ur mother language  6:03:23 AM
Mr Space Bros:  I speak english yes  6:03:30 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  or idk  6:03:31 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  oic  6:03:35 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  k  6:03:36 AM
Mr Space Bros:  My only other language is really bad french haha  6:03:44 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  i message at the discord in general  6:09:36 AM
Mr Space Bros:  I saw  6:10:45 AM
Mr Space Bros:  We have polls about buffsnerfs there occasionally  6:11:02 AM
Mr Space Bros:  if you have something you want changed let someone know!  6:11:13 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  i have some opinions in nerfs  6:11:18 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  thx pal  6:11:28 AM
Mr Space Bros:  throw them in discord then  6:11:28 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  i would  6:11:41 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  could we voice chat some time?  6:11:49 AM
Mr Space Bros:  I dont do that sort of thing  6:12:05 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Sorry  6:12:13 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  np  6:12:24 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Anyways Ive got to leave, go get a few hundred rating for me :)  6:16:31 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  ill do  6:16:49 AM
illya442:  hekko  12:34:25 PM
illya442:  hello  12:34:30 PM
illya442:  *  12:34:34 PM
TheGr8Tortuga:  Hey sup yall  1:01:46 PM
Svyat_:  hi  1:50:25 PM
tyPzToporem:  hello  2:28:26 PM
ULTRAROBOT:  hello  3:50:42 PM
ULTRAROBOT:  my bois  3:50:44 PM
ULTRAROBOT:  is there any server  3:50:51 PM
ULTRAROBOT:  that i can play  3:50:55 PM
ULTRAROBOT:  longest fight ever  3:58:24 PM
unbelibubble:  owo  4:20:40 PM
Damzito:  No me deja salirrrrr ayudAAaaAAaaAaAAaaAAaAAaaAAaa  7:16:30 PM
Dan:  Is anyone unable to exit the game when playing the Steam version? Windows or Mac?  7:17:21 PM
Benij:  can we cut the sound of the game ?  7:22:53 PM
Arni The Destroyer McDarni:  Hello boys  8:52:49 PM
27haschaklover:  ready to die  8:54:19 PM
27haschaklover:  your all going to die  8:55:07 PM
Tornado:  which people is going to die  9:10:06 PM
GamaBang!:  hi  9:17:22 PM
Tornado:  hi  9:17:32 PM
Tornado:  bye  9:17:50 PM
GoCrus:  Hola  11:58:56 PM
GoCrus:  Soy nuevo  11:59:02 PM
GoCrus:  :v  11:59:03 PM
GoCrus:  im new  11:59:08 PM
ChadwicKed:  Sup  3:43:12 AM
Chrissi:  how I can play?  6:25:48 AM
Master77188:  Anyone online  8:44:27 AM
JediMasterBaldo:  hello  10:30:19 AM
JediMasterBaldo:  how can I join you guys  10:30:34 AM
Kaiserin:  yo  10:30:48 AM
JediMasterBaldo:  and how can I join  10:31:36 AM
Nairo:  heyu  10:37:07 AM
Nairo:  hey  10:37:07 AM
Nairo:  ff  10:37:19 AM
Nairo:  f  10:37:19 AM
Nairo:  f  10:37:19 AM
Nairo:  d  10:40:36 AM
Nairo:  d  10:40:36 AM
Nairo:  d  10:40:36 AM
Nairo:  d  10:40:36 AM
Nairo:  d  10:40:38 AM
Ras.perri:  assuh  3:25:33 PM
walljumper14:  sommeone create a party so i can join  5:23:43 PM
Tornado:  no  8:43:31 PM
ChadwicKed:  Yo  9:01:21 PM
ChadwicKed:  What up?  9:01:28 PM
Problems:  hi  9:02:13 PM
Problems:  hello?  9:05:34 PM
ChadwicKed:  Hola  9:07:42 PM
ChadwicKed:  *Dabs*  9:15:16 PM
ChadwicKed:  Is there a way to make the play screen bigger??  9:17:04 PM
ChadwicKed:  Does this game not save progress?  9:26:34 PM
ChadwicKed:  Hellooo.. Anybody home?  9:29:38 PM
Problems:  what  9:30:00 PM
ChadwicKed:  Hi  9:35:49 PM
ChadwicKed:  Play screen is too small. Need to add options for adjusting the screen.  9:42:49 PM
ChadwicKed:  GG The DBoy. Youre not fodder like the rest. GG  9:52:32 PM
edu_dan:  hola :v  10:40:33 PM
Top10bestOppai:  Hola  11:16:15 PM
DerDutchman:  :)  12:37:44 AM
ChadwicKed:  what up?  2:43:04 AM
ChadwicKed:  \,,, (^_*) ,\,,  2:47:55 AM
Scorpion King:  Good Game Chad  3:05:17 AM
ChadwicKed:  Yeah man. You too.  3:06:05 AM
ChadwicKed:  You and OOF are pretty much the only good players Ive ran into here lol  3:06:30 AM
Scorpion King:  Most good players dont play around this time I suppose  3:06:45 AM
ChadwicKed:  Noted.  3:07:15 AM
Scorpion King:  Is the game laggy for anyone else?  3:10:04 AM
sexanger:  mmm  10:51:48 AM
sexanger:  ????????????????????????  10:52:12 AM
Warmonger:  he3y  11:19:15 AM
Warmonger:  who is online..  11:20:31 AM
Korpixpl:  elo  11:37:30 AM
Korpixpl:  elo  11:37:32 AM
walljumper14:  elo  12:14:30 PM
walljumper14:  i am going to create a game join peoples  12:14:56 PM
OppositeX:  how  1:48:29 PM
Ras.perri:  Morning boys.  5:02:13 PM
Ras.perri:  Morning  5:02:23 PM
Z:  morning guys  5:12:50 PM
Turbo:  oi  5:56:06 PM
Turbo:  galera alguem e BR  5:56:16 PM
Lucifer:  Hi  5:59:43 PM
E morreu:  eae galera  7:15:51 PM
Bugs Bunny-MozB:  Wazzup  7:42:42 PM
Bugs Bunny-MozB:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0horriblemole41  7:46:08 PM
Bugs Bunny-MozB:  UM im bored  7:58:52 PM
shogenn:  bite  8:29:57 PM
shogenn:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0gentlewolverine0  8:30:20 PM
Tutuba27:  oi  8:53:37 PM
Tutuba27:  blz  8:53:41 PM
Tutuba27:  oi  8:53:46 PM
Z:  Sup  9:56:56 PM
Spoder:  eae povo  9:58:06 PM
edu_dan:  hola ;v  11:10:05 PM
DeLusiOnL.ttv:  ayy  11:58:29 PM
CrackShackApproved:  so laggy my guys  2:34:13 AM
nobody48489:  hi  4:07:51 AM
Zerhyper:  Yooooooooo  7:14:55 AM
Zerhyper:  i have aids xdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdx lol lmao  7:15:03 AM
BreadBeardLongStride:  hello anyone on?  9:16:04 AM
Tilo:  why so empty?  9:45:44 AM
sand-stinger:  hello hoomans  10:55:58 AM
feasgvdsafsd:  how do i play  1:07:42 PM
SoulSeeker:  Hoomans must die.  1:49:14 PM
Ricky133:  hey  2:10:30 PM
SoulSeeker:  Sup  2:10:36 PM
THE_WARRIOR2007:  hey  2:20:31 PM
IMAHACKER1012:  mcvb  3:18:55 PM
Valalol:  hi :)  4:37:39 PM
joão jpg game 9:  hello  10:48:53 PM
ice bear:  hi  10:55:07 PM
ice bear:  i am ice bear  10:55:24 PM
Tornado:  hi ice bear  12:17:12 AM
Scorpion King:  Hi  12:18:07 AM
Tornado:  hi  12:18:43 AM
Scorpion King:  Im #2 on the leaderboard guys!  12:22:54 AM
Tornado:  good  12:23:09 AM
Tornado:  i actually battled you  12:23:20 AM
Scorpion King:  Yeah  12:23:25 AM
Tornado:  you defeaded the other dude easily  12:23:41 AM
Scorpion King:  Yeah  12:25:04 AM
Scorpion King:  No  12:25:22 AM
Scorpion King:  Stop  12:28:28 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Maybe stop with the NSFW messages the robot of steel  12:29:25 AM
Mr Space Bros:  We dont want the chat filled with messages like that  12:32:18 AM
Z:  Your messages are being deleted because you are being uncivil  12:36:45 AM
Erook22:  hello  2:36:22 AM
ASTROBOSS:  ice bear is that a reference to we bare bears?  2:47:34 AM
Erook22:  WT  2:47:58 AM
ASTROBOSS:  2:48:23 AM
ASTROBOSS:  hm that doesnt work whoops  2:48:45 AM
Mr Space Bros:  slashes dont work  2:49:07 AM
ASTROBOSS:  roight  2:49:42 AM
ASTROBOSS:  no links then :  2:49:48 AM
ASTROBOSS:  lol that was meant to be crooked face  2:50:05 AM
Erook22:  oof  2:50:40 AM
Erook22:  lol  2:50:43 AM
Mr Space Bros:  :\  2:50:56 AM
Mr Space Bros:  backslashes work  2:51:05 AM
RingsBR:  go  4:11:40 AM
BreadBeardLongStride:  hello  8:22:57 AM
Lol_1p:  hi  10:21:16 AM
Lol_1p:  btw im actully super new in this game  10:21:31 AM
Lol_1p:  btw who wants to try my level in GD  10:22:18 AM
Lol_1p:  oh god too many weapons  10:23:20 AM
Ryan_The_Ninja:  sup  10:50:17 AM
beko321:  hi  1:03:16 PM
BreadBeardLongStride:  hello  2:08:50 PM
GSBoss:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0stupidchipmunk46  4:26:10 PM
GSBoss:  oie  4:33:55 PM
ricardodb1:  oiiii]  4:33:58 PM
ricardodb1:  tudo bom?  4:34:00 PM
thonedudefr:  when does the game start?  7:11:43 PM
Weenis:  It starts whenever 2 people join  8:31:50 PM
Weenis:  So anytime really  8:31:54 PM
GSBoss:  teah  9:20:28 PM
PoWeR:  Anyone want to play?  9:24:31 PM
heydar8077:  hy  9:59:11 PM
PoWeR:  Just sayin, Im the best...  10:00:05 PM
PoWeR:  Bye  10:38:44 PM
GSBoss:  yeah  11:45:56 PM
Mr Space Bros:  Dont team lago bola de fire and GSBoss  12:00:02 AM
Mr Space Bros:  It ruins the game  12:00:17 AM
marlonmohr:  eai seus ruim  12:16:39 AM
bruh:  bruh  2:14:05 AM
Tommyboy:  hi  8:11:17 AM
bananastyleYT:  wda  1:29:18 PM
bananastyleYT:  d  1:33:01 PM
Spitfire_Blaziken:  Um Hi. Im new here.  3:43:44 PM
Gabox:  hi ^^)  4:10:02 PM
Z:  hey!  5:18:18 PM
KingWolf:  what sup my g  5:42:29 PM
KingWolf:  hello??  5:50:32 PM
KingWolf:  HELLO??  5:53:01 PM
paul.808:  hello  6:31:50 PM
Miguelzin1554:  helo  7:56:26 PM
Miguelzin1554:  im Brazilian  7:56:33 PM
MOth:  ayyy  8:48:33 PM
MOth:  whi wants to play  8:48:40 PM
itspeanut:  ok  9:33:52 PM
mellonmix:  iif  9:43:47 PM
mellonmix:  oo  9:43:48 PM
mellonmix:  oof  9:43:51 PM
mellonmix:  lol  9:43:53 PM
SteVeVen:  sup  11:08:23 PM
SteVeVen:  someone start up a game  11:12:16 PM
SteVeVen:  pls  11:12:27 PM
roboslayer1345psn:  gg  12:49:06 AM
SteVeVen:  gg  1:31:20 AM
JustinZ102:  gg  1:31:25 AM
kingkoopa2468:  hi  1:59:07 AM
demigod157751:  hello  1:59:10 AM
Sliper:  hiii  4:16:31 AM
NAGGA:  WOW  9:06:29 AM
MONKEY99071:  Hiiiii  1:17:10 PM
Burberryboi:  help im a newbie how do you play with people  3:36:36 PM
Tornado:  you join a game  3:42:21 PM
KingWolf:  hello???  7:29:17 PM
KingWolf:  hacker  8:06:44 PM
Mr Space Bros:  Hi  9:03:36 PM
Warmonger:  im to good  11:08:22 PM
Mr Space Bros:  Lets play then  11:09:59 PM
Warmonger:  i forgot about my heal  11:37:04 PM
Mr Space Bros:  Triple Blasters are just annoying to deal with  11:46:40 PM
Warmonger:  mhmm  11:48:15 PM
Kobero:  h  3:56:44 AM
ZyloWinterwolf:  what an empty game  1:35:42 PM
Moemeobro:  ...  1:42:43 PM
AwesomeGirl2019:  Hello  6:58:05 PM
Junkan:  hello dere  7:44:59 PM
Junkan:  ;;  7:45:45 PM
Junkan:  ;;  7:45:48 PM
Junkan:  nobody here  7:45:51 PM
Junkan:  how sad  7:45:53 PM
IgorKoxxx:  dsfsdfasf  8:34:36 PM
IgorKoxxx:  sf  8:34:36 PM
IgorKoxxx:  sdf  8:34:37 PM
IgorKoxxx:  sdf  8:34:37 PM
IgorKoxxx:  sdaf  8:34:37 PM
IgorKoxxx:  s  8:34:37 PM
Mutambo:  hello there  10:00:27 PM
Fun_Cat:  ...Anyone here?  11:25:14 PM
SharkNinja:  Heyo  11:33:22 PM
_TigraF_:  hello  12:39:41 AM
KaraTJ:  hyehye  12:40:23 AM
Dallybear:  Hey everyone! I am new to this game. Is it good?  3:57:53 AM
Junkan:  no not really its actually quite trash  5:31:43 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Sounds like somebody hasnt had any fun matches ;)  6:27:56 AM
Gustavo:  dont have a game ?  12:34:11 PM
KCD X KFC is good btw:  hi  4:42:26 PM
DONKEY:  hey  9:01:15 PM
Weenis:  Hey! I was even going easy on you!  9:29:38 PM
Weenis:  You didnt have to quit  9:29:45 PM
Mr Space Bros:  Weenis :P  11:05:10 PM
Weenis:  Wooo oooo  11:16:09 PM
GRIMREAPER_420:  :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(  4:57:49 AM
Weenis:  Dont be upset its all in good fun  4:58:28 AM
Connecting to server...