Bot Battles


Mr Space Bros:  Hello?  8:47:45 PM
Z:  hi  8:49:02 PM
Dio:  ayy  8:49:06 PM
Z:  Front page works but not the game  8:49:08 PM
Dio:  we got chat to work  8:49:09 PM
shadow:  yo  8:49:11 PM
shadow:  play?  8:49:24 PM
Z:  you guys checkout the changelog?  8:49:36 PM
shadow:  nope whats that?  8:49:43 PM
Mr Space Bros:  ^on the discord  8:49:45 PM
hasoon:  this game doesnt work  8:49:49 PM
shadow:  doesnt work?  8:49:54 PM
hasoon:  i click play nothing happens?  8:50:00 PM
Mr Space Bros:  The recent update sort of broke it  8:50:09 PM
shadow:  try again  8:50:09 PM
Z:  just hang on on minute :)  8:50:14 PM
hasoon:  ok!  8:50:16 PM
Mr Space Bros:  We are trying to fix the problem  8:50:17 PM
Z:  the game just updated a bunch  8:50:17 PM
Z:  the server is having some problems  8:50:20 PM
Z:  itll be up in a few  8:50:23 PM
Skeletary:  end my life  8:50:37 PM
Z:  If you guys arent in the discord, come check it out to see the changelog  8:50:45 PM
Mr Space Bros:  8:50:51 PM
Z:  bunch of updates just changed  8:50:54 PM
Z:  its up now :D  8:51:25 PM
Z:  you should be good to play now hasoon  8:51:31 PM
hasoon:  hey sick, thank you  8:51:51 PM
shadow:  what did you update?  8:52:11 PM
Z:  A bunch, ill post here  8:52:36 PM
Z:  1 sec  8:52:37 PM
Z:  Limit turrets to 4  8:52:46 PM
Z:  Max shield increases by 10 when someone destroys another bot.  8:52:51 PM
Z:  Chat  8:52:57 PM
Z:  Show bots name above it ingame.  8:53:03 PM
Z:  Turret from 100 to 90 health.  8:53:08 PM
Z:  Blasters from 13 to 12 damage.  8:53:13 PM
Z:  Player seeker from 27 to 25 damage.  8:53:18 PM
Z:  Slicer from 2.5 to 2.3 damage.  8:53:23 PM
Z:  Silencer from 2.5 to 3 sec cooldown.  8:53:28 PM
Z:  Stun gun from 1 to 1.5 sec stun.  8:53:34 PM
Dio:  stun gun  8:53:56 PM
Dio:  2.5 sec cd  8:53:59 PM
Dio:  1.5 sec stun?  8:54:02 PM
Dio:  lmao  8:54:03 PM
Z:  yeah  8:54:23 PM
Z:  Lets see how it goes haha  8:54:28 PM
shadow:  lol  8:55:01 PM
Dio:  wait  8:55:10 PM
Dio:  can u stunlock now?  8:55:13 PM
Z:  Also I started a "community balance initiative" in the discord  8:55:26 PM
Z:  if you want to submit your balance suggestions, and vote on other peoples  8:55:33 PM
Z:  then if enough people think something is too powerful / too weak, it can be changed  8:55:43 PM
Z:  and its possible, lets try it out?  8:56:06 PM
Dio:  one thing u might consider  8:56:25 PM
Dio:  is putting symbols on a player when they get afflicted by a status  8:56:45 PM
Dio:  bc its kind of hard to tell if ur stunned/rooted/silenced  8:56:56 PM
Z:  hmm thats a good idea  8:57:02 PM
Z:  Will go tell people on discord  8:57:16 PM
ASTROBOSS:  will pinging @Bot Battles Moderators work?  8:57:37 PM
Z:  in here? no  8:58:01 PM
Z:  on discord yeah  8:58:03 PM
ASTROBOSS:  was just wondering if you could ping on discord from here  8:58:44 PM
Dio:  nice  9:02:54 PM
Dio:  looks like putting registration restriction  9:03:03 PM
Dio:  on chat  9:03:05 PM
Dio:  made a lot of ppl sign up or at least log in?  9:03:14 PM
Sans:  hey  9:03:59 PM
Dio:  all these blaster builds  9:07:39 PM
Z:  Well blasters was just nerfed  9:09:05 PM
Z:  so should be weaker  9:09:07 PM
Dan:  Updated. Fixed teleport. Stun gun reverted and speed changed from 0.8 to 1.  9:18:38 PM
Mr Space Bros:  Nice!  9:20:02 PM
Z:  great changes  9:24:55 PM
Mr Space Bros:  ***does this work***  9:29:37 PM
Mr Space Bros:  Neat  9:29:51 PM
Mr Space Bros:  This should too  9:30:02 PM
Mr Space Bros:  NVM  9:30:40 PM
Kaithepi:  anyone else unable to join a match?  10:08:12 PM
DD:  yes  10:59:55 PM
Z:  hey  11:01:22 PM
Z:  let m take a look  11:01:24 PM
Z:  Hmm seems to work for me  11:02:27 PM
Z:  what platform are you using?  11:02:34 PM
Ryu:  hi  11:25:30 PM
YoutubeZK612:  ur mom poo  12:14:13 AM
YoutubeZK612:  yhujidifko  12:15:15 AM
big boy brother:  your mom is poopy  12:22:01 AM
Z:  lets keep this place a bit more mature thanks :D  12:27:13 AM
Xonaz:  no oe wants to play with me ;_;  1:01:54 AM
ASTROBOSS:  ur too good :)  1:03:37 AM
Xonaz:  no one like a teloporting slicer vaccum  1:06:02 AM
ASTROBOSS:  haha I used to do that  1:10:58 AM
ASTROBOSS:  then msb and others chewed me out for it :(  1:11:16 AM
ASTROBOSS:  ||does this do anything||  1:11:34 AM
ASTROBOSS:  haha it works  1:11:41 AM
ASTROBOSS:  in discord  1:11:44 AM
T.K.:  ||yes it does do something||  1:12:22 AM
T.K.:  ||in discord||  1:12:33 AM
ASTROBOSS:  *sigh*  1:12:47 AM
T.K.:  how new is this chat  1:13:15 AM
T.K.:  ||*sigh*||  1:13:36 AM
Xonaz:  lol  1:21:56 AM
Xonaz:  so revive is not working  1:27:37 AM
Dan:  the cooldown must be full for revive to work  1:51:36 AM
Z:  Seems to be working, we just tested it  1:51:45 AM
blindlemoneyes:  ok  2:26:49 AM
blindlemoneyes:  z  3:05:31 AM
Z:  Yep?  3:07:16 AM
Dio:  is kermitwithashotgun here  3:43:51 AM
Dio:  im sorry for bulli  3:43:57 AM
Dio:  trying to get elo but nobody is logged on  3:44:06 AM
KermitWithAShotgun:  yes  3:46:11 AM
KermitWithAShotgun:  Im here  3:46:16 AM
KermitWithAShotgun:  its fine  3:46:32 AM
Z:  If anyone has any suggestions for game balance, or new abilities  3:53:23 AM
Z:  come check out our discord server!  3:53:30 AM
Z:  Very open to feedback right now, as the game is still new  3:53:44 AM
lxHarveyxl:  wait  3:59:22 AM
lxHarveyxl:  rage + revive is op  3:59:26 AM
Z:  is it?  3:59:41 AM
lxHarveyxl:  pretty sure rage reset revive cd  3:59:48 AM
lxHarveyxl:  yet rage is only on 12 sec cd  3:59:55 AM
lxHarveyxl:  resets*  4:00:01 AM
Z:  It does but doesnt it undo the revive charge after rage wears off?  4:00:05 AM
Z:  very true tho makes you invincible during rage  4:00:27 AM
lxHarveyxl:  well if you learn to time it they would have to kill you before that 12 sec cd resets  4:02:00 AM
Z:  yeah that could be a good strategy potentially  4:02:15 AM
Z:  it does use up 2 of your abilities though, leaving you with only one  4:02:25 AM
Z:  are you having good luck with it?  4:02:28 AM
Scorpion King:  Guys, My rating is NaN  4:03:20 AM
Scorpion King:  Whats going on  4:03:25 AM
lxHarveyxl:  currently using cannon as my only weapon  4:05:00 AM
lxHarveyxl:  working quite well for now  4:05:10 AM
Scorpion King:  Are there mods here? I think my account is corrupt  4:05:42 AM
Z:  Hey scorpion  4:05:48 AM
Scorpion King:  My rating says "NaN"  4:06:07 AM
Scorpion King:  4:06:12 AM
Dio:  u gotta play a game right?  4:06:16 AM
Dio:  or something  4:06:20 AM
Scorpion King:  I played 2  4:06:20 AM
Dio:  to get placed  4:06:21 AM
Scorpion King:  I won 1 and lost the other  4:06:25 AM
Dio:  not sure how many  4:06:27 AM
Z:  Ahh  4:06:31 AM
Z:  so the reason is you only get rating for beating / dieing to other logged in players  4:06:39 AM
Z:  it looks like youve only killd guests  4:06:46 AM
Scorpion King:  oh...  4:06:46 AM
Z:  and been killed by guests  4:06:49 AM
Scorpion King:  Thank you  4:06:59 AM
Z:  fight dio and that will change :P  4:07:00 AM
Z:  yep no problem  4:07:03 AM
Z:  Come check out the discord server if you have any other game feedback :)  4:07:13 AM
Scorpion King:  Whats Discord?  4:11:35 AM
Z:  bottom right hand corner of main game page is a button  4:11:51 AM
Z:  its a thirdparty website for game communities  4:12:05 AM
Z:  its like IRC if you know what that is  4:12:21 AM
Z:  but more modern, and gamerfocused  4:12:28 AM
Scorpion King:  Whats IRC?  4:12:48 AM
Z:  Its an old (1980s 1990s) chat program people used to use  4:13:24 AM
Z:  to send text messages to eachother in the early days of the internet  4:13:35 AM
Scorpion King:  Oh... How do I use discord?  4:14:09 AM
Scorpion King:  What do I do?  4:14:13 AM
Z:  ok so you are on the front page right?  4:14:18 AM
Scorpion King:  Am I?  4:14:24 AM
Z:  in the bottom right corner do you see 4 buttons?  4:14:26 AM
Scorpion King:  Yes  4:14:30 AM
Z:  click the one that says "discord"  4:14:35 AM
Scorpion King:  It has a capital D, is that okay?  4:14:46 AM
Z:  Yes thats fine haha  4:15:01 AM
Scorpion King:  okay  4:15:07 AM
Scorpion King:  Do I need an account?  4:15:11 AM
Z:  I think so... im not actually sure, maybe not  4:15:22 AM
Z:  you dont need an email though  4:15:43 AM
Scorpion King:  This game is nice  4:35:52 AM
Z:  yes it is :D  4:36:20 AM
ASTROBOSS:  :)  4:36:28 AM
ASTROBOSS:  yup  4:36:31 AM
Major:  Anyone wanna plat?  4:44:01 AM
Major:  play*  4:44:09 AM
Major:  /  4:44:17 AM
ASTROBOSS:  yes  4:45:03 AM
Major:  ok  4:45:44 AM
Major:  make irt  4:46:03 AM
Major:  it*  4:46:07 AM
ASTROBOSS:  gg harvey  4:50:11 AM
lxHarveyxl:  :c  4:50:16 AM
ASTROBOSS:  :P  4:50:20 AM
ASTROBOSS:  aw harvey :(  4:54:05 AM
Nuu_Nuu:  hallow  8:20:32 AM
itssid23lol:  am ur dad  9:24:05 AM
orion:  bruh  10:14:22 AM
larbi 94:  wsh  12:41:28 PM
Joji:  fuck u r mam  2:46:48 PM
Joji:  u pussi ass bitches  2:46:52 PM
Dio:  whos logged in rn?  5:26:17 PM
Yeet:  No one  5:34:11 PM
Dio:  smh at people using revive rage  5:34:58 PM
Azteko:  yeah  5:36:22 PM
Azteko:  need only to pay attempion when im dying  5:36:50 PM
Dio:  its so boring to play tho  5:37:13 PM
Dio:  and to play against  5:37:15 PM
Dio:  also  5:42:14 PM
Dio:  it instaloses to melee  5:42:19 PM
Dio:  lol  5:42:19 PM
Azteko:  the combo is good, im the problem  5:42:45 PM
Dio:  its really not that good tho  5:42:53 PM
Dio:  just annoying  5:42:56 PM
Dio:  strong vs blaster builds  5:43:14 PM
Dio:  or builds with low kill potential  5:43:19 PM
Dio:  but bad vs everything else  5:43:23 PM
KCD X DADDY YT:  hey big daddy  5:49:27 PM
Dio:  aztec  5:50:17 PM
Dio:  u coulda killed him lol  5:50:21 PM
Azteko:  i did not  5:50:30 PM
Dio:  if u run into his mines  5:50:36 PM
Dio:  u had higher hp  5:50:38 PM
Dio:  he wouldve died first  5:50:43 PM
Azteko:  maybe  5:50:49 PM
Dio:  its a viable strategy vs mines  5:51:01 PM
Dio:  stop teaming  6:03:44 PM
Dio:  lmfao  6:03:45 PM
Azteko:  who cares? they lose anyway  6:05:04 PM
Dio:  its just annoying  6:05:45 PM
Dio:  as fuck  6:05:47 PM
Dio:  gg shadow  6:11:19 PM
Dio:  almost had me  6:11:25 PM
shadow:  yah...  6:19:58 PM
Dio:  sorry for bulli  6:24:23 PM
Dio:  after i get  6:24:29 PM
Dio:  #1  6:24:32 PM
Dio:  ill log off  6:24:34 PM
Dio:  5 points away  6:39:36 PM
shadow:  wooooow  6:42:38 PM
shadow:  ggg  6:42:39 PM
shadow:  finally  6:42:42 PM
shadow:  fuck yeah  6:42:44 PM
Dio:  so annoying  6:42:47 PM
shadow:  awesome game dude  6:42:50 PM
shadow:  you are annoying!!!  6:42:54 PM
shadow:  i was about to say something bad to you  6:43:03 PM
shadow:  :D  6:43:04 PM
shadow:  but then finally...  6:43:08 PM
Dio:  3 second silence on 4 sec cd  6:43:09 PM
shadow:  :P  6:43:14 PM
Dio:  and tp is on 4 seconds  6:43:20 PM
Dio:  so i have 1 sec to do dmg to you  6:43:25 PM
Dio:  :/  6:43:27 PM
shadow:  yeah unballanced.....  6:43:28 PM
shadow:  and your fcking ball and gravity dude  6:43:38 PM
shadow:  fck that  6:43:42 PM
shadow:  its like not even take stills to land  6:43:52 PM
shadow:  my cannon is so hard to aim with tp  6:44:01 PM
shadow:  come again?  6:44:11 PM
Dio:  i mean  6:46:26 PM
Dio:  i instantly lose flowchart to tp  6:46:32 PM
Dio:  because its instant  6:46:38 PM
shadow:  :P  6:46:43 PM
Dio:  after they add telegraph next patch  6:46:44 PM
shadow:  ohh  6:46:50 PM
shadow:  that sounds cool  6:46:56 PM
Dio:  yeah  6:46:58 PM
Dio:  so it shows  6:47:00 PM
shadow:  will they add more guns?  6:47:03 PM
Dio:  where its gonna tp to  6:47:03 PM
Dio:  yeah i think so  6:47:06 PM
shadow:  and 2v2 or 3v3?  6:47:07 PM
Dio:  they;re gonna add  6:47:10 PM
Dio:  a mortar  6:47:12 PM
shadow:  wow  6:47:15 PM
shadow:  will they add bigger maps?  6:47:25 PM
Dio:  and a movement ability that walks through walls, maybe not next patch but its on the horizon  6:47:37 PM
Dio:  2v2 and 3v3 are also being planned but the first priority is balancing and weapons i think  6:48:05 PM
Dio:  AYY  6:49:31 PM
Dio:  RANK 1  6:49:33 PM
Dio:  ggs shadow  6:49:49 PM
Dio:  theres a discord  6:50:03 PM
Dio:  and a trello  6:50:05 PM
Dio:  if u wanna know more  6:50:08 PM
Dio:  about what dan is planning to add  6:50:17 PM
shadow:  ok  6:53:05 PM
shadow:  thanks  6:53:06 PM
shadow:  bye  6:53:07 PM
lukilla:  did everyone just logout?  2:50:32 AM
Z:  Hi  3:01:18 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Hi  3:09:58 AM
Scorpion King:  Where is everyone?  3:35:39 AM
tvhieu242:  is there anyone?  5:03:22 AM
tvhieu242:  is this dead game?  5:03:43 AM
tvhieu242:  :(  5:03:46 AM
Z:  Nope not dead  5:05:37 AM
Z:  just not too busy right now  5:05:44 AM
Z:  its late in north america  5:05:48 AM
Wingedbird:  hello  5:30:05 AM
Wingedbird:  what am i getting into here  5:30:19 AM
nghĩa chí:  hello :D  5:38:27 AM
Wingedbird:  heyyy  5:40:17 AM
nghĩa chí:  huh  5:51:21 AM
robotxd:  hi  7:12:28 AM
pilo:  hi  11:13:48 AM
isaac1234:  sup  12:19:45 PM
Fat Damel:  jo  1:37:46 PM
Fat Damel:  2 eu  1:37:49 PM
Fat Damel:  2 ez  1:37:51 PM
KCD X DADDY YT:  yo  3:18:41 PM
H3NR!:  kcd x daddy trash  3:25:52 PM
H3NR!:  yooooo  3:27:22 PM
H3NR!:  u trash  3:27:26 PM
KCD X DADDY YT:  how  3:34:34 PM
KCD X DADDY YT:  your trash as hell  3:34:44 PM
Zockwrtv:  hi  3:40:28 PM
Dio:  anyone here logged in?  5:27:49 PM
tyPzToporem:  hi  6:19:42 PM
tyPzToporem:  lpl  6:24:49 PM
tyPzToporem:  lol  6:24:52 PM
tyPzToporem:  bye  6:25:35 PM
Warriorofgunz:  what is  6:55:32 PM
Nigga:  wrawe  6:55:41 PM
pussboiplatoon:  dadw  6:56:53 PM
Klip:  pussy  7:06:20 PM
pussboiplatoon:  adkjishabwd  7:13:51 PM
Z:  Dont spam please, thanks :)  7:19:40 PM
Nigga:  lez go boid  7:45:05 PM
Nigga:  1v1v1 me kid  7:52:55 PM
bad_robot1337:  hey guys. great game, but I always lost connection to the server. What do am I wrong?  9:18:27 PM
bad_robot1337:  always losing connection :(  9:44:34 PM
APat:  hi  10:31:25 PM
Daddy Sk:  hi  12:00:19 AM
Daddy Sk:  well tht was fun lol  12:01:57 AM
MemeusCleetus141:  Ello  12:03:08 AM
Daddy Sk:  halo  12:06:39 AM
MemeusCleetus141:  memes  12:11:35 AM
killahkik:  this game is easy  12:11:39 AM
Daddy Sk:  oh yeah? 1v1 me then  12:16:23 AM
killahkik:  i already beat u  12:17:03 AM
Daddy Sk:  then it shouldnt be a problem  12:19:29 AM
Daddy Sk:  12:19:40 AM
killahkik:  im on steam  12:20:00 AM
killahkik:  bye  12:20:16 AM
nepstries:  hi!  1:18:16 AM
Breyer101:  Whats the best weapons to use? Im new  1:52:25 AM
Tantherias:  Beep. just downloaded game.  3:14:38 AM
vvvRavenvvv:  welcome a board  5:23:49 AM
TomFoolery:  gg man  5:50:48 AM
Azteko:  are slicer and smasher almost the same weapon?  12:31:06 PM
Iaconoo:  anyone wants to play?  12:47:21 PM
kaykay:  hi people  1:44:54 PM
Shadow158:  can some one play  3:10:18 PM
knir_:  4:13:47 PM
knir_:  how do you play online  4:14:01 PM
Veruuu.exe:  asdasdasd  6:30:53 PM
AntonioPizza:  hfghf  6:31:06 PM
Veruuu.exe:  coglione  6:31:11 PM
Survivor:  idk  7:30:14 PM
ZgegZer:  yo  7:55:11 PM
ZgegZer:  salu l gar ca di koi  7:55:30 PM
Tailledepenisnonconforme:  slt  7:55:40 PM
Tailledepenisnonconforme:  slt  7:56:01 PM
Tailledepenisnonconforme:  sly  7:56:06 PM
The hulk:  what up  7:56:38 PM
Tailledepenisnonconforme:  7:56:45 PM
Heatthebattle:  Best Build: Left Mouse: Slicer Right Mouse: Smasher Space bar: Vacuum  8:53:54 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  Lol  9:17:45 PM
Weenis:  Wish spectators could chat  9:19:10 PM
Weenis:  i would do play by play  9:19:19 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  Time to get cancerous :D  9:32:10 PM
Weenis:  Come on now Cleetus. Disconnecting right before you die?  9:32:33 PM
Weenis:  Youre better than that  9:32:42 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  Um, Im not actually.  9:33:42 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  So...  9:33:44 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  FALSE STATEMENT  9:33:47 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  Lol leaving a counter to your sentence?  9:34:03 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  Now YOUR better than that.  9:34:09 PM
Weenis:  Double false  9:34:31 PM
Weenis:  Double reverse false  9:34:55 PM
Weenis:  My point stands  9:35:00 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  Weenis dont think your slick.  9:38:29 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  I saw the spectate board.  9:38:34 PM
MemeusCleetus141:  You were studying my tatics.  9:38:43 PM
Weenis:  No need to study them they sell them at the dollar store  9:41:45 PM
Weenis:  :D  9:42:16 PM
J.G:  lol  10:31:20 PM
EN_RI:  fucking +100 ping  10:38:49 PM
Weenis:  Freeze + Cannon = Cyberbullying  10:42:15 PM
EN_RI:  XD  10:43:10 PM
Weenis:  Or Cryobullying I guess works too  10:47:40 PM
Gray SkiYT:  that cringey  12:38:56 AM
VuLtUrE_rAsCaL06:  too much fukin ping  1:12:17 AM
Mr Space Bros:  How much?  1:12:24 AM
VuLtUrE_rAsCaL06:  200+  1:13:56 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Wow  1:14:08 AM
VuLtUrE_rAsCaL06:  i know right  1:14:20 AM
Dan:  the server is in New York  1:14:25 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Not sure what to recommend besides the usual get closer to router  1:14:41 AM
Dan:  test  3:38:54 AM
Fantomp:  Hi  3:42:40 AM
Z:  hi  4:23:05 AM
Scorpion King:  hi  4:35:49 AM
Fantomp:  Hi  4:42:38 AM
Fantomp:  bye i gtg  5:05:18 AM
Scorpion King:  Bye Bye  5:06:49 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Please stop teaming, seriously annoying  5:39:03 AM
Melech Kushner:  three games in a row disconnect  5:40:38 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Dang, that sucks  5:41:20 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Is it the games fault?  5:41:49 AM
Melech Kushner:  i have 5g my man  5:42:33 AM
Melech Kushner:  my brain tumor is evidence  5:42:45 AM
Mr Space Bros:  So not your fault, are you being rate limited?  5:43:07 AM
Mr Space Bros:  If you press a button SUPER fast, basically humanly impossible you will be forced out  5:43:27 AM
Melech Kushner:  ah that might be what happened then, it happened to other players earlier  5:43:52 AM
Mr Space Bros:  If you are clicking fast to fire quickly, holding the button also works  5:44:18 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Feel free to tell others because they might not ask here  5:44:30 AM
Melech Kushner:  yeah thank you  5:44:38 AM
Melech Kushner:  and sorry for ganging :(  5:44:55 AM
Mr Space Bros:  No Problem! Im always happy to help  5:44:56 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Its fine, I understand it was the biggest threat. At least be discreet about it though haha  5:45:41 AM
jet400:  selamun aleykum  8:09:50 AM
IndoGolem:  alaykum selam  9:01:38 AM
IndoGolem:  is there ayone?  9:05:18 AM
sam:  hfgjhfjhf  9:45:54 AM
sam:  hi  9:46:07 AM
NewPlayer1:  hello?  11:52:38 AM
NewPlayer1:  anyone?  12:04:36 PM
NewPlayer1:  :  12:04:39 PM
uh huh YT:  hi  12:25:40 PM
roboderp776:  anyone on  12:27:02 PM
Fantomp:  Hello  12:54:47 PM
KING_DJ:  hey  2:00:06 PM
GGGD:  sup  2:01:15 PM
SpaceFox12:  what weapon shoots rockets that follow you?  2:44:23 PM
Azteko:  player seeker  2:45:21 PM
Azteko:  and  2:45:23 PM
Azteko:  mouse seeker  2:45:28 PM
SpaceFox12:  ok thanks  2:45:34 PM
TEAM:  who wants to play a game?  3:35:02 PM
Deathbot12345:  ill play a game  3:38:01 PM
Kapok:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0perfectbobcat74  4:18:35 PM
reovent:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0perfectbobcat74  4:25:00 PM
KCD X DADDY YT:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0luckybadger53  6:11:11 PM
Tornado:  Hi azteko  8:03:20 PM
Azteko:  hi  8:03:46 PM
Tornado:  want to join my game  8:04:08 PM
Azteko:  where are you?  8:09:38 PM
tricepking:  where are you  12:04:27 AM
kingkoopa2468:  hey is there a way to lower volume?  1:29:21 AM
Scorpion King:  No way to mess with volume yet, but soon most likely  1:51:20 AM
Perséfone:  Is there a way to change the resolution of the game?  1:54:52 AM
Scorpion King:  Nope  1:57:05 AM
Scorpion King:  Feel free to request it in our discord  1:57:16 AM
Scorpion King:  I personally dont like the site but others like it  1:57:32 AM
Scorpion King:  Ive only heard good things  1:57:47 AM
help me...:  help  8:39:09 AM
help me...:  i cant leave the gamr  8:39:16 AM
help me...:  HOW DO I LEAVE THE GAME PLEASE  8:39:28 AM
illya:  Hello  9:36:36 AM
illya:  ?  9:36:40 AM
illya:  ey  9:42:41 AM
H3NR!:  hello  12:32:25 PM
KING_DJ:  what?  1:34:01 PM
KING_DJ:  hey  1:40:35 PM
headhot1:  sup  2:33:17 PM
nanatshi_master:  hi  3:56:52 PM
hoovy:  im freinly  4:42:03 PM
hoovy:  join me  4:42:10 PM
hoovy:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0wickedmule10  4:42:43 PM
hoovy:  that my team  4:42:52 PM
uh huh YT:  hi  6:17:45 PM
Samuel132:  hola  7:03:11 PM
Samuel132:  hola  7:07:27 PM
Tornado:  anybody join my team  8:40:20 PM
Tornado:  the site is https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0massiveladybug62  8:41:11 PM
Tornado:  no time  8:55:16 PM
Tornado:  deleted it  8:55:22 PM
Breyer101:  Im better than fist daddy at least I can fight  12:55:07 AM
Xonaz:  bro just becuase i dont fight head on, dosent make me any better or worst then u  1:52:55 AM
Xonaz:  ur just salty u got ur butt woped by a freeze,silence,emp build  1:53:29 AM
3DPinball:  hi  5:28:53 AM
howlongismyname:  hi  5:34:53 AM
GrobarJozek:  hi  6:40:46 AM
3DPinball:  hi  7:51:24 AM
3DPinball:  hi  8:07:24 AM
Defender66:  hi  9:20:49 AM
tyPzToporem:  hi  1:15:50 PM
tyPzToporem:  why  2:19:22 PM
illya442:  hello?  3:39:48 PM
Tornado:  hi  4:04:55 PM
illya442:  ?  4:06:15 PM
illya442:  tyt ect ryckue  4:06:44 PM
AdamBoi:  da  6:09:35 PM
AdamBoi:  ect  6:09:44 PM
Z:  Hi everyone  6:10:16 PM
Z:  anyone playing?  6:10:19 PM
Z:  gg adam  6:11:46 PM
Z:  :)  6:11:48 PM
AdamBoi:  da blat  6:13:58 PM
Last_Viking:  Slish mudilo ne materis pri russkih tovarishah  6:21:37 PM
Last_Viking:  Ya tebe pokazhu Kuzkina mother epta  6:22:04 PM
jkbobby:  hi  8:33:06 PM
reyjkl:  hi  9:35:43 PM
nguyenhoangkaka4:  hello !  12:04:37 AM
nguyenhoangkaka4:  iam from Vit Nam  12:05:15 AM
Z:  hi  12:40:04 AM
Z:  im from canada  12:40:05 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  hi iam from uganda  12:40:59 AM
cinna_bacon:  i am from Canada  2:03:16 AM
ISRAEVIL:  hi  5:14:35 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  hi  5:14:56 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Vulls and sEsUg4m4r Please stop teaming  5:44:37 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  mr space bros  5:45:56 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  team uo then  5:46:04 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  up  5:46:08 AM
Mr Space Bros:  No, it just ruins the game  5:46:25 AM
Mr Space Bros:  We can however get them IP banned  5:46:37 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  mr space bros  5:48:29 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  dash is 4 pussys  5:48:39 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Keep it civil here  5:49:04 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  jk bruh  5:49:11 AM
Mr Space Bros:  (Keep in mind there is no official mods here)  5:49:15 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  so how can we  5:49:28 AM
Mr Space Bros:  however there are 3 or so people with accounts with special abilities  5:49:30 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  }get ppl banned  5:49:33 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  oic  5:49:41 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  nice  5:49:43 AM
Mr Space Bros:  no official mod role in here I guess  5:49:46 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  ur too good  5:49:51 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  thats why ur rank 1  5:49:59 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  nice  5:50:04 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Thanks!  5:51:20 AM
Mr Space Bros:  There are people who Im basically tied with in skill, Z and dio are the main ones  5:51:43 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Scorpion King is also pretty good  5:51:55 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Took 2 of ya haha  5:53:30 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  nice bro  5:53:54 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  gonna spend time in here  5:54:00 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  so fun  5:54:02 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  however  5:54:09 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  its a shame that there are few players  5:54:22 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Join our discord!  5:56:33 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Our main goal for now is to build a decent community of players  5:56:51 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  how can i join  5:57:26 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  where r u from?  5:57:35 AM
Mr Space Bros:  The box that says "Discord" in the bottom right  6:01:44 AM
Mr Space Bros:  I am from the mysteries of the internet...  6:01:53 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  i ask because maybe english is not ur mother language  6:03:23 AM
Mr Space Bros:  I speak english yes  6:03:30 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  or idk  6:03:31 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  oic  6:03:35 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  k  6:03:36 AM
Mr Space Bros:  My only other language is really bad french haha  6:03:44 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  i message at the discord in general  6:09:36 AM
Mr Space Bros:  I saw  6:10:45 AM
Mr Space Bros:  We have polls about buffsnerfs there occasionally  6:11:02 AM
Mr Space Bros:  if you have something you want changed let someone know!  6:11:13 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  i have some opinions in nerfs  6:11:18 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  thx pal  6:11:28 AM
Mr Space Bros:  throw them in discord then  6:11:28 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  i would  6:11:41 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  could we voice chat some time?  6:11:49 AM
Mr Space Bros:  I dont do that sort of thing  6:12:05 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Sorry  6:12:13 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  np  6:12:24 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Anyways Ive got to leave, go get a few hundred rating for me :)  6:16:31 AM
PIRATE_AHOY:  ill do  6:16:49 AM
illya442:  hekko  12:34:25 PM
illya442:  hello  12:34:30 PM
illya442:  *  12:34:34 PM
TheGr8Tortuga:  Hey sup yall  1:01:46 PM
Svyat_:  hi  1:50:25 PM
tyPzToporem:  hello  2:28:26 PM
ULTRAROBOT:  hello  3:50:42 PM
ULTRAROBOT:  my bois  3:50:44 PM
ULTRAROBOT:  is there any server  3:50:51 PM
ULTRAROBOT:  that i can play  3:50:55 PM
ULTRAROBOT:  longest fight ever  3:58:24 PM
unbelibubble:  owo  4:20:40 PM
Damzito:  No me deja salirrrrr ayudAAaaAAaaAaAAaaAAaAAaaAAaa  7:16:30 PM
Dan:  Is anyone unable to exit the game when playing the Steam version? Windows or Mac?  7:17:21 PM
Benij:  can we cut the sound of the game ?  7:22:53 PM
Arni The Destroyer McDarni:  Hello boys  8:52:49 PM
27haschaklover:  ready to die  8:54:19 PM
27haschaklover:  your all going to die  8:55:07 PM
Tornado:  which people is going to die  9:10:06 PM
GamaBang!:  hi  9:17:22 PM
Tornado:  hi  9:17:32 PM
Tornado:  bye  9:17:50 PM
GoCrus:  Hola  11:58:56 PM
GoCrus:  Soy nuevo  11:59:02 PM
GoCrus:  :v  11:59:03 PM
GoCrus:  im new  11:59:08 PM
ChadwicKed:  Sup  3:43:12 AM
Chrissi:  how I can play?  6:25:48 AM
Master77188:  Anyone online  8:44:27 AM
JediMasterBaldo:  hello  10:30:19 AM
JediMasterBaldo:  how can I join you guys  10:30:34 AM
Kaiserin:  yo  10:30:48 AM
JediMasterBaldo:  and how can I join  10:31:36 AM
Nairo:  heyu  10:37:07 AM
Nairo:  hey  10:37:07 AM
Nairo:  ff  10:37:19 AM
Nairo:  f  10:37:19 AM
Nairo:  f  10:37:19 AM
Nairo:  d  10:40:36 AM
Nairo:  d  10:40:36 AM
Nairo:  d  10:40:36 AM
Nairo:  d  10:40:36 AM
Nairo:  d  10:40:38 AM
Ras.perri:  assuh  3:25:33 PM
walljumper14:  sommeone create a party so i can join  5:23:43 PM
Tornado:  no  8:43:31 PM
ChadwicKed:  Yo  9:01:21 PM
ChadwicKed:  What up?  9:01:28 PM
Problems:  hi  9:02:13 PM
Problems:  hello?  9:05:34 PM
ChadwicKed:  Hola  9:07:42 PM
ChadwicKed:  *Dabs*  9:15:16 PM
ChadwicKed:  Is there a way to make the play screen bigger??  9:17:04 PM
ChadwicKed:  Does this game not save progress?  9:26:34 PM
ChadwicKed:  Hellooo.. Anybody home?  9:29:38 PM
Problems:  what  9:30:00 PM
ChadwicKed:  Hi  9:35:49 PM
ChadwicKed:  Play screen is too small. Need to add options for adjusting the screen.  9:42:49 PM
ChadwicKed:  GG The DBoy. Youre not fodder like the rest. GG  9:52:32 PM
edu_dan:  hola :v  10:40:33 PM
Top10bestOppai:  Hola  11:16:15 PM
DerDutchman:  :)  12:37:44 AM
ChadwicKed:  what up?  2:43:04 AM
ChadwicKed:  \,,, (^_*) ,\,,  2:47:55 AM
Scorpion King:  Good Game Chad  3:05:17 AM
ChadwicKed:  Yeah man. You too.  3:06:05 AM
ChadwicKed:  You and OOF are pretty much the only good players Ive ran into here lol  3:06:30 AM
Scorpion King:  Most good players dont play around this time I suppose  3:06:45 AM
ChadwicKed:  Noted.  3:07:15 AM
Scorpion King:  Is the game laggy for anyone else?  3:10:04 AM
sexanger:  mmm  10:51:48 AM
sexanger:  ????????????????????????  10:52:12 AM
Warmonger:  he3y  11:19:15 AM
Warmonger:  who is online..  11:20:31 AM
Korpixpl:  elo  11:37:30 AM
Korpixpl:  elo  11:37:32 AM
walljumper14:  elo  12:14:30 PM
walljumper14:  i am going to create a game join peoples  12:14:56 PM
OppositeX:  how  1:48:29 PM
Ras.perri:  Morning boys.  5:02:13 PM
Ras.perri:  Morning  5:02:23 PM
Z:  morning guys  5:12:50 PM
Turbo:  oi  5:56:06 PM
Turbo:  galera alguem e BR  5:56:16 PM
Lucifer:  Hi  5:59:43 PM
E morreu:  eae galera  7:15:51 PM
Bugs Bunny-MozB:  Wazzup  7:42:42 PM
Bugs Bunny-MozB:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0horriblemole41  7:46:08 PM
Bugs Bunny-MozB:  UM im bored  7:58:52 PM
shogenn:  bite  8:29:57 PM
shogenn:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0gentlewolverine0  8:30:20 PM
Tutuba27:  oi  8:53:37 PM
Tutuba27:  blz  8:53:41 PM
Tutuba27:  oi  8:53:46 PM
Z:  Sup  9:56:56 PM
Spoder:  eae povo  9:58:06 PM
edu_dan:  hola ;v  11:10:05 PM
DeLusiOnL.ttv:  ayy  11:58:29 PM
CrackShackApproved:  so laggy my guys  2:34:13 AM
nobody48489:  hi  4:07:51 AM
Zerhyper:  Yooooooooo  7:14:55 AM
Zerhyper:  i have aids xdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdx lol lmao  7:15:03 AM
BreadBeardLongStride:  hello anyone on?  9:16:04 AM
Tilo:  why so empty?  9:45:44 AM
sand-stinger:  hello hoomans  10:55:58 AM
feasgvdsafsd:  how do i play  1:07:42 PM
SoulSeeker:  Hoomans must die.  1:49:14 PM
Ricky133:  hey  2:10:30 PM
SoulSeeker:  Sup  2:10:36 PM
THE_WARRIOR2007:  hey  2:20:31 PM
IMAHACKER1012:  mcvb  3:18:55 PM
Valalol:  hi :)  4:37:39 PM
joão jpg game 9:  hello  10:48:53 PM
ice bear:  hi  10:55:07 PM
ice bear:  i am ice bear  10:55:24 PM
Tornado:  hi ice bear  12:17:12 AM
Scorpion King:  Hi  12:18:07 AM
Tornado:  hi  12:18:43 AM
Scorpion King:  Im #2 on the leaderboard guys!  12:22:54 AM
Tornado:  good  12:23:09 AM
Tornado:  i actually battled you  12:23:20 AM
Scorpion King:  Yeah  12:23:25 AM
Tornado:  you defeaded the other dude easily  12:23:41 AM
Scorpion King:  Yeah  12:25:04 AM
Scorpion King:  No  12:25:22 AM
Scorpion King:  Stop  12:28:28 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Maybe stop with the NSFW messages the robot of steel  12:29:25 AM
Mr Space Bros:  We dont want the chat filled with messages like that  12:32:18 AM
Z:  Your messages are being deleted because you are being uncivil  12:36:45 AM
Erook22:  hello  2:36:22 AM
ASTROBOSS:  ice bear is that a reference to we bare bears?  2:47:34 AM
Erook22:  WT  2:47:58 AM
ASTROBOSS:  2:48:23 AM
ASTROBOSS:  hm that doesnt work whoops  2:48:45 AM
Mr Space Bros:  slashes dont work  2:49:07 AM
ASTROBOSS:  roight  2:49:42 AM
ASTROBOSS:  no links then :  2:49:48 AM
ASTROBOSS:  lol that was meant to be crooked face  2:50:05 AM
Erook22:  oof  2:50:40 AM
Erook22:  lol  2:50:43 AM
Mr Space Bros:  :\  2:50:56 AM
Mr Space Bros:  backslashes work  2:51:05 AM
RingsBR:  go  4:11:40 AM
BreadBeardLongStride:  hello  8:22:57 AM
Lol_1p:  hi  10:21:16 AM
Lol_1p:  btw im actully super new in this game  10:21:31 AM
Lol_1p:  btw who wants to try my level in GD  10:22:18 AM
Lol_1p:  oh god too many weapons  10:23:20 AM
Ryan_The_Ninja:  sup  10:50:17 AM
beko321:  hi  1:03:16 PM
BreadBeardLongStride:  hello  2:08:50 PM
GSBoss:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0stupidchipmunk46  4:26:10 PM
GSBoss:  oie  4:33:55 PM
ricardodb1:  oiiii]  4:33:58 PM
ricardodb1:  tudo bom?  4:34:00 PM
thonedudefr:  when does the game start?  7:11:43 PM
Weenis:  It starts whenever 2 people join  8:31:50 PM
Weenis:  So anytime really  8:31:54 PM
GSBoss:  teah  9:20:28 PM
PoWeR:  Anyone want to play?  9:24:31 PM
heydar8077:  hy  9:59:11 PM
PoWeR:  Just sayin, Im the best...  10:00:05 PM
PoWeR:  Bye  10:38:44 PM
GSBoss:  yeah  11:45:56 PM
Mr Space Bros:  Dont team lago bola de fire and GSBoss  12:00:02 AM
Mr Space Bros:  It ruins the game  12:00:17 AM
marlonmohr:  eai seus ruim  12:16:39 AM
bruh:  bruh  2:14:05 AM
Tommyboy:  hi  8:11:17 AM
bananastyleYT:  wda  1:29:18 PM
bananastyleYT:  d  1:33:01 PM
Spitfire_Blaziken:  Um Hi. Im new here.  3:43:44 PM
Gabox:  hi ^^)  4:10:02 PM
Z:  hey!  5:18:18 PM
KingWolf:  what sup my g  5:42:29 PM
KingWolf:  hello??  5:50:32 PM
KingWolf:  HELLO??  5:53:01 PM
paul.808:  hello  6:31:50 PM
Miguelzin1554:  helo  7:56:26 PM
Miguelzin1554:  im Brazilian  7:56:33 PM
MOth:  ayyy  8:48:33 PM
MOth:  whi wants to play  8:48:40 PM
itspeanut:  ok  9:33:52 PM
mellonmix:  iif  9:43:47 PM
mellonmix:  oo  9:43:48 PM
mellonmix:  oof  9:43:51 PM
mellonmix:  lol  9:43:53 PM
SteVeVen:  sup  11:08:23 PM
SteVeVen:  someone start up a game  11:12:16 PM
SteVeVen:  pls  11:12:27 PM
roboslayer1345psn:  gg  12:49:06 AM
SteVeVen:  gg  1:31:20 AM
JustinZ102:  gg  1:31:25 AM
kingkoopa2468:  hi  1:59:07 AM
demigod157751:  hello  1:59:10 AM
Sliper:  hiii  4:16:31 AM
NAGGA:  WOW  9:06:29 AM
MONKEY99071:  Hiiiii  1:17:10 PM
Burberryboi:  help im a newbie how do you play with people  3:36:36 PM
Tornado:  you join a game  3:42:21 PM
KingWolf:  hello???  7:29:17 PM
KingWolf:  hacker  8:06:44 PM
Mr Space Bros:  Hi  9:03:36 PM
Warmonger:  im to good  11:08:22 PM
Mr Space Bros:  Lets play then  11:09:59 PM
Warmonger:  i forgot about my heal  11:37:04 PM
Mr Space Bros:  Triple Blasters are just annoying to deal with  11:46:40 PM
Warmonger:  mhmm  11:48:15 PM
Kobero:  h  3:56:44 AM
ZyloWinterwolf:  what an empty game  1:35:42 PM
Moemeobro:  ...  1:42:43 PM
AwesomeGirl2019:  Hello  6:58:05 PM
Junkan:  hello dere  7:44:59 PM
Junkan:  ;;  7:45:45 PM
Junkan:  ;;  7:45:48 PM
Junkan:  nobody here  7:45:51 PM
Junkan:  how sad  7:45:53 PM
IgorKoxxx:  dsfsdfasf  8:34:36 PM
IgorKoxxx:  sf  8:34:36 PM
IgorKoxxx:  sdf  8:34:37 PM
IgorKoxxx:  sdf  8:34:37 PM
IgorKoxxx:  sdaf  8:34:37 PM
IgorKoxxx:  s  8:34:37 PM
Mutambo:  hello there  10:00:27 PM
Fun_Cat:  ...Anyone here?  11:25:14 PM
SharkNinja:  Heyo  11:33:22 PM
_TigraF_:  hello  12:39:41 AM
KaraTJ:  hyehye  12:40:23 AM
Dallybear:  Hey everyone! I am new to this game. Is it good?  3:57:53 AM
Junkan:  no not really its actually quite trash  5:31:43 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Sounds like somebody hasnt had any fun matches ;)  6:27:56 AM
Gustavo:  dont have a game ?  12:34:11 PM
KCD X KFC is good btw:  hi  4:42:26 PM
DONKEY:  hey  9:01:15 PM
Weenis:  Hey! I was even going easy on you!  9:29:38 PM
Weenis:  You didnt have to quit  9:29:45 PM
Mr Space Bros:  Weenis :P  11:05:10 PM
Weenis:  Wooo oooo  11:16:09 PM
GRIMREAPER_420:  :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(  4:57:49 AM
Weenis:  Dont be upset its all in good fun  4:58:28 AM
brengillio:  hi  12:57:21 PM
Xenon Everest:  YE  2:38:22 PM
Doom_Skull:  o hello  2:54:08 PM
JustinZ102:  sup  3:20:15 PM
domtar33:  hello  6:22:22 PM
GFL630:  hey  9:50:43 PM
scorpion:  hi  10:01:56 PM
MegaJesusPrime88:  hellO!!!  10:23:08 PM
Scarfir:  Hello?  4:07:56 AM
The Last Renegade:  hello? anyone even here?  8:10:01 AM
Kgamer_VN:  hi  10:45:18 AM
Kgamer_VN:  im a new player  10:46:01 AM
cris:  Whats up guys  12:58:29 PM
parasat96:  1  4:11:13 PM
Z:  Many greetings haha  10:46:29 PM
Z:  whats everyones favorite ability?  10:46:37 PM
ElViejon360:  anyone play dat shit?  11:14:15 PM
ElViejon360:  this  11:14:21 PM
MegaJesusPrime88:  Pow  12:35:05 AM
BBQFox:  bro  1:57:37 AM
BBQFox:  this shit  1:57:39 AM
BBQFox:  is hilarious  1:57:40 AM
BBQFox:  omfg  1:57:40 AM
FTWMODDER:  Hi  2:30:25 AM
gerofornite1:  hola alguien para jugar?  3:17:50 AM
MegaJesusPrime88:  HELLO?!  4:39:02 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Hi  4:39:33 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Hows it going?  4:39:38 AM
Fromundus88:  8D  4:58:19 AM
Mr Space Bros:  actually the games in 2d ;)  5:00:25 AM
Fromundus88:  brb  5:02:45 AM
Fromundus88:  that was great!  5:08:15 AM
Mr Space Bros:  GTG sorry  5:08:19 AM
Fromundus88:  buh bye  5:08:44 AM
Aim Bot boy:  hello  7:37:05 AM
Mr Space Bros:  hello  7:38:37 AM
Aim Bot boy:  how do i play da game  7:39:06 AM
Aim Bot boy:  hello  7:40:09 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Pick abilities and use them  7:41:03 AM
Mr Space Bros:  on the right are 3 ability slots, pick 3 you like and hit play  7:41:43 AM
sexybeast:  anyone wanna play  10:06:48 AM
Kampfhund:  i need someone to play with...  10:15:07 AM
headhot1:  hey  11:40:27 AM
EpicRanger48:  hi  3:38:44 PM
GODMODE:  tryna lose?  4:45:21 PM
Z:  Ya  6:19:03 PM
Z:  anyone want to melee fight?  6:19:16 PM
kingyoutuber200:  hi  7:00:25 PM
Z:  hi  8:01:16 PM
Mr Space Bros:  hi  11:12:02 PM
jopeca:  hi  3:27:21 AM
Weenis:  hi  3:50:26 AM
321Cheers:  hi  5:00:08 AM
Mr Space Bros:  hi  5:00:50 AM
Z:  Greetings!  5:01:42 AM
Z:  I broke the combo  5:01:47 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Haha, you sure did  5:02:43 AM
321Cheers:  fantastic game  5:02:54 AM
Z:  Just needs more players  5:04:26 AM
Mr Space Bros:  sadly  5:04:39 AM
SirBaconIII:  heloo  8:23:57 AM
SirBaconIII:  anyone there?  8:24:03 AM
SirBaconIII:  HIIII  8:24:08 AM
Blaze183:  anyone here?  9:16:32 AM
Blaze183:  ok  9:17:14 AM
xsavagex:  sup  3:14:54 PM
xsavagex:  anyone wanna play?  3:20:29 PM
Blaze183:  smb here?  4:30:41 PM
skyranger:  who wanna paly  4:49:13 PM
JBBpro080507:  Who wanna play  4:49:32 PM
skyranger:  me  4:49:36 PM
JBBpro080507:  k create a party  4:49:43 PM
skyranger:  how lol am new  4:49:51 PM
JBBpro080507:  me too lol  4:50:00 PM
JBBpro080507:  it is in the bottom of the play button  4:50:15 PM
skyranger:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0splendidcheetah78  4:50:37 PM
skyranger:  i have alttamite combo  5:02:03 PM
Bayern:  hello  6:01:24 PM
Bayern:  germany!!!!!!!  6:01:31 PM
Tornado:  is noname 1 here  6:42:43 PM
zooy21:  ;lkjhgfdsdfghjkl;  6:42:49 PM
zooy21:  ;lkjhgfdcffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff  6:42:53 PM
Tornado:  that champion  6:43:00 PM
zooy21:  sol you better not smelll the air silent but deadly  6:43:24 PM
Tornado:  destroyer  7:08:02 PM
Tornado:  i mean devestator  7:09:38 PM
Dr. Bad D:  Anyone on?  11:20:49 PM
ASTROBOSS:  yup  11:21:19 PM
ASTROBOSS:  what is up?  11:21:31 PM
Dr. Bad D:  Lets go  11:21:38 PM
Dr. Bad D:  What you got?  11:21:44 PM
ASTROBOSS:  gun  11:25:09 PM
ASTROBOSS:  fun  11:25:11 PM
ASTROBOSS:  hbu?  11:25:15 PM
EpicRanger48:  wassup fellow bots  11:29:03 PM
EpicRanger48:  yeety  11:30:04 PM
pusseslaya69:  yeet  4:59:43 AM
pusseslaya69:  Is this game working?  5:00:00 AM
pusseslaya69:  i hate my dad  5:01:43 AM
ASTROBOSS:  yes this game is alive  5:06:53 AM
ASTROBOSS:  and yes there are people watching  5:07:05 AM
zato:  cacca blu  10:18:33 AM
bruma:  hello  11:43:24 AM
bruma:  lets play  11:43:44 AM
Dr. Bad D:  Anyoen one on?  12:26:25 PM
Fromundus88:  8D  8:31:57 PM
Fromundus88:  :D  8:33:03 PM
Fromundus88:  8D  9:51:54 PM
Dr. Bad D:  got me good lol  10:20:59 PM
Fromundus88:  New loadout  10:21:09 PM
Almirante Tula:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0orangebobcat10  11:42:18 PM
Defilect:  hi  2:13:33 AM
Fromundus88:  8D  7:33:22 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Want to play?  7:35:07 AM
Fromundus88:  8D  7:45:18 AM
pagax:  I literally downloaded an untouched game i feel like.  10:43:17 AM
pagax:  Rip  10:43:21 AM
Hlupakoslav:  nobody plays wtf  11:41:48 AM
Mr Space Bros:  People do play the game! just not during the times you were on  5:53:24 PM
Twitch_zrimpy:  oof  7:01:47 PM
Twitch_zrimpy:  am new to this game  7:01:52 PM
Rafaelomg:  hi  8:12:23 PM
Rafaelomg:  same  8:12:27 PM
Rafaelomg:  where do i change the sound? its so loud  8:13:19 PM
negifreak:  anyone on?\  10:43:01 PM
Weenis:  Good times everyone  3:21:30 AM
Leo:  paly  6:11:11 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:14 AM
Leo:  ff  6:11:14 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:15 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:15 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:15 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:16 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:16 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:17 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:17 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:17 AM
Leo:  ff  6:11:17 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:18 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:18 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:19 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:19 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:19 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:19 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:20 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:20 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:20 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:21 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:21 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:21 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:22 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:22 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:22 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:23 AM
Leo:  ff  6:11:23 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:23 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:24 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:24 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:24 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:24 AM
Leo:  f  6:11:25 AM
Fromundus88:  8D  6:42:22 AM
Skully:  anyone here?  3:07:43 PM
Evander:  hello+  4:54:48 PM
Evander:  hello?  4:54:53 PM
arcanecharms:  d  5:58:50 PM
Evander:  ?  6:33:02 PM
Evander:  this game is so dead  6:33:11 PM
taylorlewis:  hi  7:50:54 PM
arcanecharms:  lol sup bois  8:08:45 PM
Natalie Portman:  We should schedule a time when we all should play lol  10:11:55 PM
H3NRI:  waht  3:16:09 PM
H3NRI:  yeee  3:16:13 PM
H)_)owdy:  how do i play with people  3:17:14 PM
H)_)owdy:  im a nub  3:17:19 PM
arcanecharms:  jus play lol  3:32:50 PM
H3NRI:  yes it does  3:43:42 PM
trolo9765:  d  4:29:54 PM
Fromundus:  8D  11:52:08 PM
Defilect:  hi  12:24:59 AM
Burberry:  ah  10:08:28 AM
longhud:  i dont see anybody  10:21:52 AM
longhud:  anybody here  10:23:51 AM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  Hi  2:34:03 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  WTF  2:34:08 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  No one here?  2:34:14 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  Hi  2:39:23 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  No one here?????  2:39:34 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  No one here?  2:40:55 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  Hello?  2:41:00 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  Hello  2:49:27 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  simon  2:49:38 PM
Hi_simon:  Hi  2:50:26 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  go  2:50:29 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  Simon  2:59:47 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  Hi  3:14:53 PM
erenrobot:  hi  4:48:18 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  WTF  5:26:26 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  Hi Hi  5:35:14 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  I love this game but just less people play this  5:35:31 PM
Hi_simon:  hihi  5:37:24 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  SImon  5:37:39 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  go  5:37:41 PM
Hi_simon:  no  5:38:14 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  go  5:38:18 PM
Hi_simon:  i want to find the rainbow one  5:38:26 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  Ok  5:39:19 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  Are you finish  5:39:27 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  Hi Simin?  5:39:51 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  first one  5:40:33 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  and stun gun  5:40:46 PM
Hi_simon:  not first one  5:41:05 PM
Hi_simon:  not stun gun  5:41:33 PM
Hi_simon:  I found it!  5:42:39 PM
Hi_simon:  Shield blaster  5:42:54 PM
Hi_simon:  i think  5:42:58 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  go  5:43:05 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  go  5:43:25 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  go  5:43:28 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  GO  5:43:34 PM
Hi_simon:  wait  5:43:34 PM
Hi_simon:  hello?  5:19:38 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  Hi  5:28:59 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  Losers  5:29:02 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  Trash  5:35:38 PM
will34293:  go  7:50:59 PM
SuperBugs17:  anyone here  11:45:40 PM
SuperBugs17:  oh  11:45:59 PM
Yaju Senpai:  KARASAWA TAKAHIRO  2:09:40 AM
Yaju Senpai:  Google Japanese meme YAJU SENPAI  2:24:09 AM
WAXY:  Is there anybody out there?  3:28:52 AM
Re log:  Re log has Log  4:41:53 AM
erykex:  There is only 2 genders  1:28:05 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  loser  2:34:35 PM
Hi_simon:  hi  2:49:46 PM
Hi_simon:  hello?  2:50:04 PM
mom:  mo  5:51:16 PM
mom:  momo  5:51:19 PM
mom:  is hot  5:51:24 PM
mom:  i want to uh uh with her  5:51:32 PM
IPlayBest:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0friendlyinsect48  6:25:30 PM
Phishy:  hey  6:35:50 PM
Tornado:  anybody here  8:12:53 PM
Tornado:  anybody? whats?  8:16:41 PM
Tornado:  destroyer?  8:16:52 PM
apex-prime:  hi  8:17:20 PM
Tornado:  hi  8:17:24 PM
apex-prime:  just registred  8:17:31 PM
Tornado:  where is destroyer  8:17:35 PM
apex-prime:  idk  8:17:52 PM
apex-prime:  hi  8:18:45 PM
Tornado:  whats  8:19:38 PM
apex-prime:  how to join a party  8:19:49 PM
Tornado:  im creating it  8:20:06 PM
Tornado:  ok?  8:20:13 PM
apex-prime:  hi?  8:20:15 PM
apex-prime:  how do you join a party  8:20:25 PM
Tornado:  wait i will create it first  8:20:39 PM
Tornado:  the site is https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0perfectdragonfly87  8:21:01 PM
Tornado:  type thet in  8:21:11 PM
apex-prime:  type where  8:23:51 PM
apex-prime:  how do you do this?  8:24:27 PM
Tornado:  type it on the url bar on the to[  8:24:51 PM
apex-prime:  donsent work  8:26:56 PM
Tornado:  where did you type it  8:27:06 PM
Tornado:  where  8:28:47 PM
apex-prime:  it says site blocked  8:29:18 PM
apex-prime:  cant reach it  8:29:27 PM
Tornado:  bye  8:32:51 PM
Bluereaper675:  Does anyone even play this game?  3:04:29 AM
ASTROBOSS:  yup  3:04:58 AM
PinkMilkGoddess:  sup  10:00:35 AM
patchy6:  bitches  5:05:42 PM
Lolgamer56998:  niqqa  5:41:58 PM
Nobusawa:  I want to love this game but the lag is awful  6:33:07 PM
blindlemoneyes:  ik ik  9:49:28 PM
Al:  enter in the jungle  1:10:47 AM
Al:  c mon enter  1:11:19 AM
luismtz33:  ow i cant leave of here?  6:05:06 AM
KO_GUY:  anyone online?  6:47:43 AM
armored:  hello?  3:15:22 PM
SuperBugs17:  oi anyone wanna fight  11:41:34 PM
SuperBugs17:  anyone else  12:01:30 AM
Cedric:  algum br?  1:02:00 AM
Leivite:  anyone actually playing?  1:37:26 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Yes!  1:38:30 AM
pinkbaby:  wanna plau  2:18:21 AM
XxProPotatoxX:  im playing join me  5:47:54 AM
Sonic_Gamer_1241:  Hey im new  10:05:05 AM
Sonic_Gamer_1241:  Anyone on?  10:07:17 AM
khunjohn:  me  11:14:53 AM
Sonic_Gamer_1241:  Wanna battle?  11:22:58 AM
NOOB322:  me  11:24:04 AM
Sonic_Gamer_1241:  Im changing my weapons!  11:29:33 AM
Sonic_Gamer_1241:  OK IM READY!  11:30:35 AM
asdfghjkl:  asdfghjkl  1:44:35 PM
Sonic_Gamer_1241:  Anyone on?  2:12:20 PM
Hi_Ming-Yang:  fjgjhgugj\  2:41:21 PM
Hi_simon:  Hi?  2:49:22 PM
Hi_simon:  hello  3:01:58 PM
02wat3r:  hello  4:22:47 PM
GridGamingUltimate:  anyone on?  7:17:42 PM
GridGamingUltimate:  hello?  7:17:45 PM
GridGamingUltimate:  hellooooo  7:19:40 PM
Cedric:  koe caraio  12:20:19 AM
Cud:  helo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  1:36:41 AM
KNAM:  ?  1:36:52 AM
KNAM:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0freshsloth23  1:37:09 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Just so you know Parties dont work right not  1:37:48 AM
Mr Space Bros:  the link wont be usable in the chat  1:37:59 AM
KNAM:  shut up idiot  1:39:17 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Hey, you teamed up on me. I just player well  1:39:37 AM
Z:  chill out man  1:48:20 AM
samdog:  hello  5:02:59 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Hi  5:03:19 AM
samdog:  can you change servers  5:03:31 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Not yet no  5:03:41 AM
samdog:  gg  5:05:48 AM
Sonic_Gamer_1241:  Ey anyone?  5:16:17 AM
Sonic_Gamer_1241:  Anyone on?  5:16:28 AM
Scorpion King:  Yuo  5:16:48 AM
Scorpion King:  *Yup  5:16:51 AM
Sonic_Gamer_1241:  Anyone wanna battle?  5:20:29 AM
crashdealwithit!:  is there a way to battle each other?  11:14:39 AM
crashdealwithit!:  I wanna battle  11:14:43 AM
NABAKE23:  IMBAD  5:48:22 PM
ninjabat:  dssdvhfeuvhds  6:19:51 PM
ninjabat:  kkkmkkjkkkkk  6:20:07 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:08 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:09 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:09 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:43 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:44 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:44 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:44 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:46 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:46 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:46 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:47 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:47 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:47 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:47 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:47 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:51 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:51 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:51 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:52 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:52 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:52 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:52 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:52 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:52 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:52 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:52 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:52 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:52 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:52 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:52 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:53 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:53 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:53 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:53 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:53 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:53 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:53 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:53 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:53 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:20:53 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:21:07 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:21:08 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:21:08 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:21:08 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:21:08 PM
ninjabat:  k  6:21:08 PM
Not Tfue:  gg  6:21:41 PM
ninjabat:  THE BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  6:23:40 PM
ninjabat:  gg  6:30:28 PM
Not Tfue:  good luck  6:35:41 PM
ninjabat:  good luck  6:39:25 PM
Sonic_Gamer_1241:  hey everyone  8:12:38 PM
Ganjaboii421:  yo waths up guys?  10:13:00 PM
brennonlike:  hey anyone on?  2:28:36 AM
yourmom:  what up  4:18:41 PM
DragonKiller143:  how does this game work  8:26:37 PM
LALOLANDA:  ?  9:53:43 PM
LALOLANDA:  como se juega esta mierda  9:54:27 PM
Z:  Hi  10:21:58 PM
Z:  you just pick some abilities  10:22:01 PM
Z:  hit play  10:22:03 PM
Z:  and fight enemies  10:22:05 PM
Sonic_Gamer_1241:  anyone wanna battle?  12:12:29 PM
LegendaryGreen:  yo  3:40:38 PM
blitzYT:  1v1 anyone?  4:56:18 PM
mattisdabezt:  yo  6:13:49 PM
kingyoutuber200:  hi  6:54:36 PM
Dealth15:  I like turtles  7:56:01 PM
Z:  me too  9:08:46 PM
xxxmauxxx:  team  1:56:18 AM
xxxmauxxx:  team  2:26:29 AM
xxxmauxxx:  zzzzzzzzzzz  2:26:37 AM
xxxmauxxx:  hi  2:28:54 AM
touhuchan:  hi  11:51:42 AM
Jompler:  hi  1:43:00 PM
xxxmauxxx:  team  2:56:05 PM
xxxmauxxx:  hi  2:56:19 PM
Bokpaard:  hi  3:33:39 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:43 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:44 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:44 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:44 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:45 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:45 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:45 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:46 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:46 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:46 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:46 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:49 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:50 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:50 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:50 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:51 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:51 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:51 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:51 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:51 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:51 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:52 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:53 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:53 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:53 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:53 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:54 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:54 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:54 PM
Bokpaard:  d  3:33:54 PM
xxxmauxxx:  team  4:02:56 PM
xxxmauxxx:  oky  4:03:54 PM
xxxmauxxx:  team  4:06:26 PM
xxxmauxxx:  team  4:13:47 PM
xxxmauxxx:  poeple all  4:14:19 PM
xxxmauxxx:  join  4:15:11 PM
chernigga:  go play men  5:18:20 PM
chernigga:  join  5:18:22 PM
xxxmauxxx:  oky  3:55:13 AM
xxxmauxxx:  team  3:55:18 AM
xxxmauxxx:  gg  4:06:15 AM
xxxmauxxx:  gg  4:12:05 AM
xxxmauxxx:  pop  4:19:18 AM
DaNYelRO:  hello  2:14:04 PM
DaNYelRO:  sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss  2:14:10 PM
DaNYelRO:  s  2:14:11 PM
DaNYelRO:  s  2:14:11 PM
DaNYelRO:  s  2:14:12 PM
DaNYelRO:  s  2:14:12 PM
DaNYelRO:  s  2:14:12 PM
DaNYelRO:  s  2:14:13 PM
DaNYelRO:  s  2:14:13 PM
DaNYelRO:  s  2:14:13 PM
DaNYelRO:  s  2:14:14 PM
DaNYelRO:  s  2:14:14 PM
DaNYelRO:  s  2:14:14 PM
DaNYelRO:  s  2:14:14 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:15 PM
DaNYelRO:  gg  2:14:15 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:16 PM
DaNYelRO:  gg  2:14:16 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:16 PM
DaNYelRO:  gg  2:14:17 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:17 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:17 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:17 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:18 PM
DaNYelRO:  gg  2:14:18 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:19 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:19 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:19 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:19 PM
DaNYelRO:  gg  2:14:20 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:20 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:20 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:21 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:21 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:21 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:21 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:22 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:23 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:23 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:23 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:23 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:23 PM
DaNYelRO:  g  2:14:23 PM
xxxmauxxx:  gg  7:57:45 PM
Jany:  anyone here?  9:05:00 PM
Jany:  ANYONE?  9:05:19 PM
Jany:  IM SCARED  9:07:04 PM
Jany:  someone.....  9:07:07 PM
Jany:  help me.....  9:07:10 PM
Jany:  i just need someone............  9:08:49 PM
Jany:  please?  9:08:54 PM
potokas:  Hi, Jany  7:36:48 AM
RotorDocJr:  hy,everyone  12:41:49 PM
Yee:  hii  12:58:05 PM
YeeYee123:  hello  12:58:41 PM
panzer 4:  What do you mean it doesnt work?  2:06:04 PM
ARandomLawrence:  Hello  2:09:30 PM
Tornado:  hi  3:05:04 PM
Tornado:  hi  3:07:25 PM
SteVeVen:  plz join  3:48:41 PM
SteVeVen:  plz join  3:52:09 PM
DEFENDER:  yo  4:20:52 AM
Nuke:  How to join party  7:18:42 AM
headhot1:  sup  1:52:15 PM
headhot1:  anyone  1:52:22 PM
headhot1:  want to play  1:52:34 PM
RotorDocJr:  ok  3:54:34 PM
Leavify:  wwwww  6:49:07 PM
Derizek:  wut  11:01:25 PM
DexterNoName:  who wants to play??  5:07:31 AM
DexterNoName:  hello???  5:07:38 AM
DexterNoName:  hello  5:08:07 AM
DexterNoName:  hello  5:08:09 AM
kobby:  hi  3:19:38 PM
kobby:  who want to play  3:19:58 PM
Willpr:  ...  3:59:45 PM
Willpr:  Como se juega esto?  3:59:51 PM
legendarypro1010:  hola  11:56:10 PM
legendarypro1010:  soy nuevo  11:56:16 PM
legendarypro1010:  voy a jugar  11:57:01 PM
EatMyArseBilly:  hi  12:06:11 AM
legendarypro1010:  hi  12:06:41 AM
yayoboi1115:  ello  1:46:18 AM
red skull:  hi  1:27:30 PM
red skull:  hello  1:29:11 PM
GlitchingKing:  hey  1:30:55 PM
Falube808:  hy  1:51:12 PM
Falube808:  spanish ????  1:51:18 PM
Falube808:  someone  1:51:21 PM
Falube808:  alguien  1:51:23 PM
Falube808:  hello?  1:51:28 PM
Falube808:  somebody wants toplay??  1:52:05 PM
GlitchingKing:  me  1:59:26 PM
dawndelaronde:  hi  2:39:48 PM
Nate_Dogg:  hello  2:51:29 PM
pandority:  Hi  6:40:43 PM
pandority:  anyone wanna play?  6:40:48 PM
lmaobruh:  play?  7:10:51 PM
Furios68:  Yes  8:43:35 PM
tengpor:  cd  3:52:19 AM
lmaobruh:  lol  12:20:31 PM
Gulag Oficer:  hello  12:21:23 PM
4ktray:  wassup  4:39:43 PM
Falube808:  someone?  7:45:52 PM
Boba:  hi  10:01:24 PM
NoYou8675309:  play  12:49:17 AM
grggrg:  annyone here  1:51:24 AM
Shocksprig:  hey  3:39:26 AM
Shocksprig:  new here is this game good  3:39:32 AM
TabletopBull824:  h  10:43:11 AM
TabletopBull824:  join me  10:43:21 AM
hello:  how  2:07:07 PM
rafael:  hi  2:34:41 PM
rafael:  hi  2:34:45 PM
rafael:  go join the game boys pls  2:35:37 PM
4ktray:  wassup  5:02:19 PM
C:  lol  6:02:49 PM
Salami Hunter:  what cant aim?  6:06:54 PM
C:  its not nooby  6:07:01 PM
C:  it works  6:07:05 PM
ASTROBOSS:  Ok then I wont use an op build  7:33:04 PM
ChadwicKed:  Helloooooo  5:50:23 AM
LorcSama:  server2  9:16:27 PM
malltango:  hello  11:10:19 PM
kjduck:  server2  2:58:53 AM
JonasSim:  how to connect server 2?  11:33:50 AM
Mr Space Bros:  There is only 1 server, they are just messing around  3:07:48 PM
booga326:  any one in here?  3:51:25 PM
ASTROBOSS:  yes  3:55:03 PM
heyitsj:  hello  10:39:44 PM
m0nkeyman989876:  hello  4:20:01 PM
Rommmaha:  hi  6:57:50 PM
somedudeplayingthis:  yo  11:09:36 PM
somedudeplayingthis:  how do i play w people  11:10:07 PM
somedudeplayingthis:  w  11:10:18 PM
DuncanMglass:  same  2:58:26 AM
DuncanMglass:  hello  2:58:32 AM
SOKPOK:  Hey guys  9:41:42 AM
SOKPOK:  Anybody in here?  9:42:02 AM
SOKPOK:  GUYS  9:42:39 AM
flames:  hey guys  11:53:21 AM
flames:  anyone here?  11:53:28 AM
RipMyAndroid:  in where im can play  2:29:47 PM
big succ:  hello  2:50:59 PM
Nate_Dogg:  hey  2:56:07 PM
YTChristianW06:  i am better than all of you noobs  3:17:47 PM
YTChristianW06:  bots  3:21:23 PM
AutOz26:  bet  3:31:02 PM
pbarthur:  sup  4:38:55 PM
Tornado:  hi  7:01:29 PM
SOKPOK:  anyone here?  8:44:00 AM
jeanva2:  oi  7:15:18 PM
jeanva2:  hi  7:15:46 PM
DEATHROCKS:  it is borken  10:41:56 PM
DEATHROCKS:  broken  10:42:03 PM
derpy9117:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0lovelypig34  11:18:14 AM
derpy9117:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0lovelypig34  11:18:29 AM
Yay, JK:  nobody here?  9:29:23 AM
Yay, JK:  :(  9:34:43 AM
danzakuduro4100:  caca  7:31:13 PM
SpiritFox224:  E  9:31:17 PM
SpiritFox224:  Hi  9:51:31 PM
AimBot:  A  1:17:53 AM
SmoothCriminal14:  Hello  3:30:18 AM
XxcallumxX:  why is noone there  12:46:37 PM
Yay, JK:  me  2:07:04 AM
Adan:  hola  4:17:33 AM
Phantom Phoenix:  hi  5:35:35 AM
Adan:  hi  4:18:16 PM
thisisdawae:  hi  4:22:29 PM
Naoix:  hii  6:38:13 PM
Naoix:  im new *^*  6:38:20 PM
ASTROBOSS:  hello  6:39:41 PM
ASTROBOSS:  are you there?  6:39:48 PM
AwesomeAJ1000:  hi  11:41:09 PM
mnemosyne:  hi  8:56:32 AM
Noopy:  sup  10:16:18 AM
KirillCraft:  hi  10:31:57 AM
KirillCraft:  hi  10:40:52 AM
Felipe_pizza:  heya!  2:25:14 PM
big_boy:  sup  3:10:25 PM
Sayonara:  hi  6:08:12 PM
Sayonara:  anybody here???  6:08:30 PM
Sayonara:  ? bye  6:09:15 PM
KirillCraft:  hi  6:40:32 PM
KirillCraft:  goodbye  6:41:51 PM
Casston:  goodbye  8:52:23 PM
taylor :P:  hi i just downloaded this game  9:32:47 PM
Buster:  so did i  1:41:02 AM
vendemic:  best abilities?  2:19:36 AM
ChickenBoy09:  hello  6:51:47 AM
ololol:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0shortotter25  8:17:31 AM
x_x:  how i can play with someone?  1:03:07 PM
Buster:  hello  7:22:08 PM
Buster:  can somebody go please  7:22:19 PM
Buster:  someone join plesae  7:23:00 PM
Tordherefortheguns:  hello  8:47:35 PM
Tordherefortheguns:  hry  8:47:57 PM
Tordherefortheguns:  hello  8:49:21 PM
vendemic:  hola  9:28:02 PM
balvinder:  hi  10:21:10 AM
KCD X KFC is good btw:  MY DICK HURTS SOOOOO BAD  2:17:11 PM
KCD X MOMMY YT GET REKT:  you dont have one  2:17:38 PM
KCD X KFC is good btw:  how do youn knoq  2:18:05 PM
KCD X MOMMY YT GET REKT:  oh and BTW im a boy  2:18:09 PM
coolboy09dd:  hi  6:38:37 PM
Sayonara:  hoi  6:46:33 PM
Sayonara:  i am dead  6:49:09 PM
Sayonara:  spam  6:49:16 PM
Sayonara:  spam  6:49:17 PM
Sayonara:  sapm  6:49:18 PM
Sayonara:  spams  6:49:19 PM
Sayonara:  1234  6:51:28 PM
coolboy09dd:  hi  7:26:01 PM
AA_Visible_Ray:  anyone?  7:51:48 PM
big bot boi big:  ye  4:34:48 AM
ironmaster:  hi guys  10:31:58 AM
ironmaster:  does anyone wants to play?  10:32:13 AM
ToxicPande:  sure  1:11:59 PM
ToxicPande:  i can play  1:12:03 PM
ToxicPande:  anyone can play?  1:12:09 PM
FraDuck:  anyone wanna play  3:54:34 PM
DjStaline:  d  6:04:43 PM
DjStaline:  a  6:04:44 PM
DjStaline:  ok  6:07:25 PM
Renka:  hey  9:10:51 PM
joeyjo:  hi  3:29:00 AM
joeyjo:  helloooooooo  3:47:10 AM
AmeerIRL_YT:  hia  1:00:00 PM
AmeerIRL_YT:  hwlo  1:00:04 PM
AmeerIRL_YT:  helloooooo  1:00:12 PM
AmeerIRL_YT:  e  1:00:20 PM
AmeerIRL_YT:  e  1:00:21 PM
AmeerIRL_YT:  e  1:00:21 PM
AmeerIRL_YT:  ee  1:00:22 PM
shaddow_88:  hello  12:48:01 AM
aung khannt zin:  hi  5:57:28 AM
Maxyoman:  yo  7:59:03 PM
Nitwerp:  hello  9:07:28 PM
Lightbringer307:  yo fags  4:15:34 PM
Lightbringer307:  yo lets play  4:17:43 PM
pennywise:  lets play  4:29:29 PM
SON GOKU:  hi  5:07:05 PM
SON GOKU:  who want to play  5:10:34 PM
SON GOKU:  hi  10:48:03 PM
SON GOKU:  hi  11:54:34 PM
SON GOKU:  hi  1:53:28 AM
BotyMcBotSkeet:  Sup People  2:09:57 AM
BotyMcBotSkeet:  no one is playing...  2:10:36 AM
BotyMcBotSkeet:  great ;p;  2:10:42 AM
LOGAN:  HI  3:32:34 AM
shenigami:  hii$  4:06:34 AM
GUIBALA:  start the game  10:22:06 AM
SON GOKU:  hi  12:25:07 PM
SON GOKU:  Every day when youre walking down the street Everybody that you meet Has an original point of view And I say, "Hey!" What a wonderful kind of day Where you can learn to work and play And get along with each other You got to listen to your heart Listen to the beat Listen to the rhythm The rhythm of the street Open up your eyes Open up your ears Get together And make things better By working together Its a simple message and it comes from the heart Believe in yourself (believe in yourself) Well, thats the place to start (to start) And I say, "Hey!" What a wonderful kind of day Where you learn to work and play And get along with each other Hey! What a wonderful kind of day What a wonderful kind of day Hey!  12:57:29 PM
SON GOKU:  my name is moto moto  1:57:47 PM
SON GOKU:  you say it double  1:57:55 PM
Yanboy:  hi  4:28:21 PM
Crimson:  hi  5:48:52 PM
ppbtw:  1v1 me  9:41:28 AM
ppbtw:  guys  9:41:32 AM
man228:  go fight  2:12:38 PM
Waza8163:  yeet  9:14:47 PM
Asalully:  hmmmm  2:32:36 PM
Asalully:  anyone here  2:32:41 PM
Hi im Enes:  yes  4:57:30 PM
Hi im Enes:  nobody playing this game  4:58:47 PM
Simon200:  Who go 1v1  8:03:18 PM
The Blue Dog:  1v1  8:47:53 PM
jojo41jojo:  hello  9:42:05 PM
jojo41jojo:  who want fight me?  9:42:36 PM
SnowBeeg-:  i  9:52:38 PM
Denis M.TV:  Hi  5:56:03 PM
BenyCity:  Hi  5:56:10 PM
Gusta:  alguem?  8:58:16 PM
BotyMcBotSkeet:  hi  9:09:56 AM
Olijff:  hi  11:18:53 AM
Olijff:  is this game fun?  11:19:01 AM
ElectroFiN:  Anyone there?  1:01:59 PM
Thom_ICT:  asdas  2:52:14 PM
ErnstJuh:  haai  2:52:15 PM
Cogi007:  hi  2:52:17 PM
Devastator:  Yay:)  6:22:01 PM
Devastator:  I FINALLY LOGGED IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  6:22:12 PM
Denominator:  yay  6:29:25 PM
Denominator:  :  6:29:32 PM
Devastator:  denominator  6:31:23 PM
Devastator:  who are u?  6:31:27 PM
KirillCraft:  hi  7:16:13 PM
Cogi007:  hi  7:22:55 PM
QuixoticFreak:  hi  7:23:05 PM
Tornado:  hello  7:39:39 PM
apex-prime:  hello  7:50:57 PM
Tornado:  heard of cyclewars,io?  7:51:49 PM
Alastor:  yes  7:52:36 PM
Tornado:  want to play it?  7:52:44 PM
Alastor:  okay  7:52:58 PM
Ruler1337Bot:  Wat  11:14:36 PM
Ruler1337Bot:  so how do you play this?  11:16:13 PM
SkiDdaDooDLe:  oi  3:49:39 AM
whitewolf games:  hi  12:51:31 PM
Devastator:  Hi!  3:13:37 PM
Devastator:  Tornado?  3:20:46 PM
Devastator:  ???  3:33:37 PM
Devastator:  Who Else Is In Here???  3:33:55 PM
Waza8163:  hi  8:15:57 PM
Alastor:  hello  9:38:00 PM
Alastor:  anyone here?  9:38:06 PM
Alastor:  devastator?  9:38:18 PM
Alastor:  tornado?  9:38:22 PM
legendarypro1009:  hi  10:13:14 PM
legendarypro1009:  any person?  10:13:36 PM
Alastor:  im PERSON  10:17:52 PM
WorldWarWaffleIII:  Konichiwa  10:45:57 PM
Devastator:  Suprise!  3:09:01 PM
Devastator:  Anyone Here?  3:32:39 PM
Devastator:  Tornado?  3:32:42 PM
Devastator:  Alastor?  3:32:46 PM
Terminator:  >:D prepare to be TERMINATED  1:08:58 AM
Devestadors:  i dont like the name devestators  2:59:09 PM
Devestadors:  its a bad spell  2:59:21 PM
Devestadors:  and i dont have time for this negative bullshit name  3:39:21 PM
derfyx:  hello  4:48:58 PM
derfyx:  do your want do game  4:49:40 PM
picomath350:  how do you join a party ?  11:54:35 PM
Falube808:  someone?  12:11:02 PM
Falube808:  hola  4:17:36 PM
Gib_The_Great:  hola  4:17:45 PM
Falube808:  someone plays  4:20:36 PM
Gib_The_Great:  lol  4:20:47 PM
Gib_The_Great:  lets play  4:20:53 PM
Falube808:  ok  4:20:57 PM
Gib_The_Great:  whos still on  4:28:29 PM
wolfy:  e  4:49:06 PM
Alastor:  anyone?  7:18:25 PM
Tornado:  hi  7:42:26 PM
hamcap571:  hi  8:34:07 PM
hamcap571:  anyone  8:34:18 PM
hamcap571:  hello  10:34:45 PM
brunooeds:  hi  12:15:48 AM
HiDudet:  hi  12:16:10 AM
brunooeds:  hi  12:16:21 AM
Gib_The_Great:  I dont understand why no one plays this my opinion its really fun  3:58:52 PM
Devastator:  Huh?  6:15:59 PM
Devastator:  and i cant believe that i got my correct name back:)  6:24:07 PM
Devastator:  i think i better go call Tornado Or Alastor Somewhere..  6:41:20 PM
Devastator:  Someone Here?  6:56:54 PM
Devastator:  Tornado?  6:57:07 PM
Devastator:  Alastor?  6:57:11 PM
Mr Space Bros:  Do I count?  6:58:55 PM
Devastator:  What?  6:59:12 PM
Mr Space Bros:  want to play or not?  6:59:25 PM
Devastator:  Youre On The Top Of Leaderbord  6:59:31 PM
Devastator:  Arent You?  6:59:37 PM
Mr Space Bros:  I sure am  6:59:39 PM
Devastator:  How Strong Are You?  6:59:53 PM
Mr Space Bros:  Strong as the best haha  7:00:06 PM
Devastator:  Im Also REAAAAAAAAAAALY Strong!  7:00:36 PM
Devastator:  RAWWWWWWWWWWWWRG!  7:00:44 PM
Devastator:  That Was Unfair Against That Noname  7:02:32 PM
Devastator:  Everyone Gets Devastated All The Time Who Plays With Me In A Map!  7:08:26 PM
LastLaugh27:  hi  7:48:46 PM
ReaperBoy909:  hi  8:02:04 PM
jeremieislit:  anyone on  12:26:51 AM
jeremieislit:  gg no name  12:29:07 AM
jeremieislit:  pl  12:31:25 AM
jeremieislit:  z  12:31:29 AM
jeremieislit:  anyone on this gmae  12:34:11 AM
RED ROBOT:  ME!  2:24:11 AM
karb:  puyo  7:10:03 AM
Devastator:  Everyone Gets Devastated All The Time Who Plays With Me In A Map  7:49:10 AM
Devastator:  Devastated By Me!  9:25:14 AM
Devastator:  Because Im The Devastator  9:25:30 AM
Devastator:  And I Have 2 Friends Called Tornado And Alastor  9:25:52 AM
Devastator:  And Tornado And Alastor Both Will Help Me Defeating Enemies  9:26:42 AM
Devastator:  Well I Hope Alastor Is A Pro Too In This Game  9:38:19 AM
Devestadors:  hey poopy  10:15:41 AM
Devastator:  why did u call me poopy?  10:15:55 AM
Devestadors:  my name is incorrect  10:18:00 AM
Devastator:  that makes zero sense  10:18:20 AM
Devestadors:  i dont care  10:18:28 AM
Devastator:  because your name is called devestadors  10:19:31 AM
Devastator:  thats why its incorrect but it makes zero sense  10:19:58 AM
Devestadors:  im a fake devestador  10:20:50 AM
Killer:  What If I Dont Change To Devesdadors Again?  10:37:24 AM
Devestadors:  all of yu aur bed pleiyers  10:39:27 AM
Devestadors:  i vill kill u all  10:51:55 AM
Devastator:  why u so funny  10:52:12 AM
Devestadors:  im not funny  10:52:31 AM
Devestadors:  and i vill kill all of you  10:52:43 AM
Devestadors:  bad plaer  10:52:47 AM
Devastator:  bad speller  10:52:55 AM
Devastator:  im spelling good  10:53:05 AM
Devestador:  i wanted to be terminator :(  10:59:51 AM
Devestador:  thats the terminators falut  11:00:04 AM
Devastator:  i know right?  11:00:13 AM
Dominator:  i can be dominator all i want  11:01:13 AM
Dominator:  ill behave  11:01:27 AM
Dominator:  or can i be devastator jr.?  11:01:47 AM
Devastator:  Then Go Ahead And Change To Devastator Jr.  11:02:20 AM
Dominator:  ok  11:02:29 AM
Cryptik:  Yoo  12:41:43 PM
Devastator:  logged in again xD  2:24:13 PM
Devestador:  hai cryptik you bad plaer  2:28:38 PM
Devastator:  Really?  2:28:56 PM
Devestador:  shat ap kaward  2:29:10 PM
Devestador:  bad plaer  2:29:22 PM
Devastator:  bad speller  2:29:34 PM
Devestador:  naw shat ap kaward  2:29:51 PM
Devestador:  end ai wil kil yur frends  2:43:56 PM
Devestador:  ai wil kil torneido end elestor  2:44:23 PM
Devestador:  I Will Kill Your Freinds  2:44:37 PM
Devestador:  I Will Kill Tornado And Alastor  2:44:49 PM
Devestador:  yall are bad plaers  2:46:41 PM
Devastator:  im gonna tell tornado and alastor  2:48:46 PM
Devestador:  ai dont kere yu fart feice  2:49:22 PM
Devestador:  fet frik  2:49:30 PM
Devastator:  im telling now  2:49:42 PM
Devestador:  bad plaers  6:02:49 PM
Devestador:  trash  6:03:06 PM
Devastator:  Everyone Gets Devastated By Me All The Time Who Plays And Fights Me In A Map  6:03:53 PM
BLUE ROBOT:  meeeeeee alex  10:22:31 PM
red robot10:  meeeeeeeeee zacheryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  1:44:33 AM
red robot10:  hi (:  3:15:10 AM
red robot10:  ...  3:22:17 AM
Devastator:  Im Better Then All Of You  6:05:55 AM
Devestador:  i dont care  6:06:08 AM
fabio:  hello  10:25:51 AM
massivedonce:  n word  11:46:30 AM
massivedonce:  i love kids  11:46:42 AM
massivedonce:  same guys  11:46:46 AM
massivedonce:  yum  11:46:49 AM
massivedonce:  oof  11:46:51 AM
Devastator:  have u pl  2:01:40 PM
Devastator:  i mean  2:01:55 PM
Devastator:  have u all played last time?  2:02:28 PM
Devastator:  im gonna tell you my OP build  2:03:10 PM
Devastator:  mouse seeker. player seeker, and turret!  2:03:46 PM
Devastator:  thats one of the best build in this whole game  2:04:27 PM
Devastator:  thats why i always use that build  2:05:00 PM
Devestador:  hai bad plaers  2:26:21 PM
KelvinTheFunTV:  Hello  8:26:35 PM
dylanw209:  Kelvin where are you  8:28:39 PM
KelvinTheFunTV:  In U momma  8:29:31 PM
IsaiahTheFunTV:  UR MOM KID  8:30:35 PM
dylanw2009:  what are the little green things called  10:00:52 PM
KelvinTheFunTV:  dylan\  10:01:27 PM
dylanw2009:  ya  10:01:33 PM
KelvinTheFunTV:  they are called turrets  10:01:39 PM
KelvinTheFunTV:  jojn the stupid tiger party that is where i am now  10:01:54 PM
KelvinTheFunTV:  dylan\  10:02:19 PM
KelvinTheFunTV:  DYLAN  10:02:35 PM
TV:  hi  10:03:16 PM
TV:  Its isaiah  10:03:29 PM
TV:  hi  10:04:37 PM
KelvinTheFunTV:  oh  10:05:17 PM
KelvinTheFunTV:  hi join me party that i sent u  10:05:26 PM
KelvinTheFunTV:  the tricky goat 3  10:05:37 PM
KelvinTheFunTV:  that what it called  10:05:43 PM
dylanw2009:  got it going now  10:05:45 PM
KelvinTheFunTV:  where are u dylan  10:07:09 PM
TV:  hi  10:07:13 PM
TV:  kelvin  10:07:18 PM
KelvinTheFunTV:  join me party that i sent u in u cps emial  10:07:44 PM
TV:  k  10:07:51 PM
KelvinTheFunTV:  dylan and isaiah do it  10:07:55 PM
KelvinTheFunTV:  it is called tricky goat 3  10:08:12 PM
huy:  hi  7:36:35 AM
huy:  hi  7:37:55 AM
huy:  hi  7:37:58 AM
huy:  hi  7:38:00 AM
ValterZed:  hello  9:37:04 AM
Devestador:  hai  1:59:42 PM
Devestador:  bad plaers  1:59:51 PM
Devastator:  really  2:00:16 PM
Devastator:  he always does a bad spell  2:00:25 PM
Devastator:  so dont let up on him  2:00:33 PM
mrjones25:  hey guys its aj  3:23:49 PM
KelvinTheFunTV:  hey  3:42:18 PM
zabijak06:  pls someone play  3:52:17 PM
KelvinTheFunTV:  hello  4:29:29 PM
TV:  hello  9:56:29 PM
TV:  hello  9:56:59 PM
TV:  f***  10:01:17 PM
JoLicorice:  play  12:32:10 AM
JoLicorice:  ?  12:33:41 AM
Devestador:  hai  5:53:02 AM
Devestador:  bad plaers  1:08:10 PM
Devestador:  trash  1:08:15 PM
Devestador:  I Will Hurt Terminator So Bad  1:09:13 PM
Devestador:  c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 c6 c7 c8 c9 c10  1:11:44 PM
Real Terminator:  I Actually Wanna Be Terminator  1:13:09 PM
Devestador:  idontcare  1:13:50 PM
Devestador:  bye bad plaers  1:17:56 PM
Devastator:  see ya good brave players  1:18:13 PM
Devastator:  cya  1:18:19 PM
GERALTxPRO:  who will fight?  3:56:31 PM
jjjj:  me  6:07:48 AM
RACAEL.COM.BR:  oi  3:09:20 PM
Flako:  lol  8:20:44 PM
RACAEL.COM.BR:  oi  10:08:40 PM
Devestador:  das dis rili hev tuw hepun?  11:14:13 AM
Devastator:  You All Are Great Players  11:20:42 AM
Devastator:  guys  11:21:22 AM
Devastator:  i need to find Tornado and Alastor  11:21:46 AM
Devastator:  But Im Still Strong  11:23:13 AM
Devastator:  Because I Always Have The Fury  11:23:15 AM
Devastator:  Of Mine  11:23:25 AM
Devestador:  idc  11:24:03 AM
Retrozing:  hi  11:56:11 AM
Retrozing:  DK  1:59:57 PM
Retrozing:  ChunKris Jenner  2:00:05 PM
NarutoAkaWolfey:  hello  2:17:05 PM
NarutoAkaWolfey:  ladies and gentlemen  2:17:09 PM
Retrozing:  hi  2:18:27 PM
Blitz1623:  anyone on>:  7:23:37 PM
jefrysemerel:  hello  7:50:05 PM
jefrysemerel:  lets go 1 game whit me  7:50:25 PM
jefrysemerel:  com on boys  7:54:04 PM
(KR)DEATH191:  anybody playing?  11:23:47 PM
dessfsf:  i am  12:23:38 PM
dessfsf:  anybody on  12:25:25 PM
SSG.Samanama:  yes  10:11:37 PM
SSG.Samanama:  who wants to fight me  10:12:14 PM
Alastor:  tornado?  11:40:28 PM
Alastor:  join sydney 9  11:40:59 PM
Alastor:  hello?  11:41:26 PM
Alastor:  tornado!!!!!!  11:42:14 PM
Skywarp920:  anybody on  12:37:18 AM
Snoop:  damn its ded  3:46:29 AM
JadenDGS:  yeeeee  3:53:22 AM
DarioNicolas:  como hago para jugar con gente ramndom?  4:29:21 AM
KingOfCurry:  tienes che jugar su el server online  4:35:17 AM
mr.doodle:  hi  5:25:50 AM
mr.doodle:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0nervousstarfish75  5:26:52 AM
benny123:  anyone here  7:42:27 PM
Cacciateste:  ciao?  8:36:09 PM
TommDX:  hte  8:36:10 PM
marky:  HI  9:04:37 AM
Alastor:  USS EARTH?  6:45:03 PM
UwU:  hi  1:02:03 PM
UwU:  anyone here?  1:03:36 PM
utkutkts:  slm  2:21:06 PM
minimannn1:  hi  5:10:12 PM
Alastor:  hello?  11:06:42 PM
WoodzyTTV:  YASSSS  7:44:15 AM
Alastor:  hello!  1:15:49 PM
AwsomeDaniel:  do we have to have a mouse for this game  6:27:22 AM
AwsomeDaniel:  ?  6:27:27 AM
MrPalowski:  hi anyone wanna 1v1  7:27:35 AM
HurriKen:  Anyone there?  12:23:44 PM
HurriKen:  Hello?  12:23:58 PM
retrovenomyt:  hi  12:35:32 PM
retrovenomyt:  HI  12:39:28 PM
cookie21:  i eat wallnuts  12:45:09 PM
fernandez76ytbr:  lets go playyyyy  11:11:43 PM
m7mad:  hi  11:25:48 PM
XxPANCAKELOBSTERxX:  Anybody here??  1:24:41 AM
demongamermex:  holA  2:43:50 AM
MrPalowski:  hello  7:23:49 AM
MrPalowski:  anyone here?  7:24:09 AM
karma wolf assassin 666:  sup  2:22:10 PM
karma wolf assassin 666:  wtf seth  2:27:26 PM
Alastor:  anyone?  5:09:48 PM
KidioGameZ:  who wanna battle  1:19:31 AM
Alastor:  hi  3:24:05 PM
Alastor:  hi?!?!  1:57:03 AM
MemeSnorfer:  Anyone there?  9:16:57 PM
MemeSnorfer:  :C  9:17:09 PM
Alastor:  here  2:02:15 AM
ITS_BAPY:  teem 1  2:16:30 PM
karma wolf assassin 666:  bruh wtf  2:17:16 PM
Alastor:  HI  9:15:21 PM
Alastor:  ???????  9:15:25 PM
KermitWithAShotgun:  no one is playing  10:00:06 PM
KermitWithAShotgun:  wtf  10:00:09 PM
retrovenomyt:  hi  12:27:31 PM
ASTROBOSS:  why no one :(  5:50:23 PM
ASMR123:  Huh  7:24:26 PM
unbelibubble:  hii  6:30:11 AM
unbelibubble:  hello  6:30:13 AM
unbelibubble:  anyone  6:30:15 AM
Zaulter:  it works, just log in with the button in the top right  9:25:19 AM
Xx canadian_boxer xX:  any one wanna game???  8:02:08 AM
Xx canadian_boxer xX:  are you there mr. space bros  8:26:41 AM
Xx canadian_boxer xX:  mr space bros tell me when you are here  8:27:01 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Hi  8:28:06 AM
Xx canadian_boxer xX:  hi it is me from discord  8:28:20 AM
Xx canadian_boxer xX:  i will go on match  8:28:35 AM
Xx canadian_boxer xX:  r u there mr. space bros  8:31:08 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Yes!  8:31:24 AM
Xx canadian_boxer xX:  just so you know im not canadian  8:31:53 AM
Xx canadian_boxer xX:  i will win this time  8:47:44 AM
Tolijas:  i would like to play withsomebody  1:16:43 PM
Hossam Ahmed:  play with me  4:53:17 PM
yuki:  i found a hacker  12:59:36 AM
yuki:  his name is evan  12:59:44 AM
yuki:  he doenst take damage  1:00:13 AM
Mr Space Bros:  He was using a force field to block your bullets  1:03:32 AM
yuki:  no he doenst using a force field  1:04:38 AM
yuki:  anything that block  1:04:57 AM
Mr Space Bros:  What abiliities were you hitting him with?  1:05:10 AM
yuki:  blaster heal blaster and turret bur anything  1:05:46 AM
yuki:  he is invicible  1:06:01 AM
Mr Space Bros:  huh, I will watch the replays and check it out  1:06:16 AM
Mr Space Bros:  was there one match in specific that he was cheating in?  1:06:25 AM
yuki:  all i played with him  1:07:03 AM
yuki:  you is a adm?  1:07:16 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Oh, was it before the count down finished?  1:07:18 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Yes, I am an admin  1:07:23 AM
Mr Space Bros:  Before the countdown in the bottom left finishes everyone is invincible  1:08:11 AM
Ghostzin:  iai  1:39:26 AM
Mr Space Bros:  aia  1:39:56 AM
yuki:  ghostzin e o dolly?  1:45:59 AM
maxie the gamerYT:  hi  2:32:21 PM
Makii:  hi  6:19:44 PM
gien:  hihola  1:09:46 AM
gien:  i try to tipr slash  1:10:12 AM
toothlessryder:  hello  7:56:13 AM
Dragon emeperor:  hi iddoits  6:22:42 PM
SHADOWAVE:  hello  10:05:00 PM
SHADOWAVE:  hi everyone  10:05:37 PM
GHOSTWAVE:  sup guys  12:35:16 AM
Devastator:  You Guys!  1:34:06 PM
Devastator:  Im Turning Into:  1:34:15 PM
Devastator:  Invader!  1:34:21 PM
Invader:  x  1:36:36 PM
Invader:  xD  1:36:38 PM
Invader:  Dragon Emperor If You Call Me A Idiot, I Will Invade You!  1:38:40 PM
Invader:  Well.  1:47:27 PM
Alastor:  hi  1:51:10 PM
Invader:  Hello :)  1:53:42 PM
Invader:  Lets Chill And Chat Now!  1:53:54 PM
Invader:  You Trained From Being Good As Me Alastor!  1:54:17 PM
Invader:  Nice Abilities!  1:55:11 PM
Alastor:  invador?  1:55:14 PM
Invader:  Me  1:55:18 PM
Alastor:  what place are you on the leaderboard?  1:57:54 PM
Invader:  I Dont Know  1:58:35 PM
Alastor:  you took 25 credits from me : (  1:58:53 PM
Alastor:  expecially with that annoying noname  1:59:10 PM
Invader:  Me: Top 155!  1:59:30 PM
Alastor:  it wouldnt have happened if noname wasnt there  1:59:34 PM
Invader:  No  2:00:12 PM
Alastor:  not what i expected  2:00:23 PM
Invader:  Who Took 25 Credits?  2:00:25 PM
Invader:  From You?  2:00:43 PM
Alastor:  you  2:00:50 PM
Invader:  how?  2:00:55 PM
Invader:  xD  2:00:57 PM
Invader:  Why Me ;;  2:01:04 PM
Alastor:  you won against me and noname  2:01:07 PM
Alastor:  and i lost 25 credits  2:01:17 PM
Alastor:  and you gained 25  2:01:24 PM
Invader:  ye  2:01:26 PM
Alastor:  another battle?  2:01:33 PM
Invader:  Wait  2:01:36 PM
Invader:  FIRST I SEE WHAT TOP YOU ARE  2:01:46 PM
Alastor:  15  2:01:50 PM
Alastor:  i was top 10  2:02:00 PM
Alastor:  but i lost too much to you  2:02:10 PM
Invader:  Yeah  2:02:43 PM
Invader:  I Have A Plan  2:02:53 PM
Invader:  A Fake Invader=Called Invador  2:03:10 PM
Alastor:  okay  2:03:41 PM
Invader:  inviting a fight...  2:03:53 PM
Alastor:  can we fight ?  2:03:53 PM
Invader:  my faker inviting  2:04:00 PM
Invader:  I Am Stronger  2:04:17 PM
Alastor:  join  2:04:21 PM
Invader:  Than Invador  2:04:25 PM
Invader:  My Faker  2:04:29 PM
Invador:  come at me alastor  2:04:40 PM
Invador:  i will murder you  2:04:47 PM
Alastor:  join  2:04:53 PM
Invador:  join mine instead  2:05:02 PM
Alastor:  how?  2:05:09 PM
Invador:  weakling  2:05:12 PM
Invador:  haha karma  2:07:40 PM
Invador:  see ur a weakling  2:07:47 PM
Alastor:  invader  2:07:47 PM
Invader:  Yeah?  2:07:54 PM
Alastor:  i dont play often  2:08:00 PM
Invader:  Oh Yes You Play Often!  2:08:11 PM
Alastor:  i m not understanding this  2:08:14 PM
Invader:  Me Too  2:08:21 PM
Alastor:  so you are invador  2:08:32 PM
Alastor:  but pretends to be weaker  2:08:46 PM
Alastor:  then invador?  2:08:51 PM
Invader:  you?  2:08:53 PM
Alastor:  im confused  2:09:03 PM
Invader:  :o  2:09:03 PM
Invader:  i am gonna fight my faker because he dont know what hes saying  2:09:23 PM
Invader:  i am so strong that i can invade him  2:09:41 PM
Invader:  welp  2:09:51 PM
Invader:  but  2:09:59 PM
Alastor:  wait so you are not invador  2:10:17 PM
Invader:  nope  2:10:25 PM
Invader:  i am real invader  2:10:29 PM
Alastor:  :o  2:10:32 PM
Invader:  I Am Very Real Invader I Swear And Im NOT Lying Here Because I Always Tell The Truth When Im Invader. And I Can Invade Him Because I Am Much More Powerful Then He Does And Almost NOBODY Can Beat Me In Servers Because I Am Real Invader!  2:12:08 PM
Invader:  Besides.  2:13:03 PM
Invader:  I Am Going To Find Tornado Somewhere.  2:13:15 PM
Invader:  See Ya When I Found Him!  2:13:40 PM
Invader:  So I Invite Him To Bot Battles  2:13:53 PM
Invader:  not in Astroe.Io  2:17:00 PM
Invader:  ;;  2:17:04 PM
Murju:  hello  7:15:43 AM
Brynisfat123:  your mum  12:42:11 PM
Invader:  who?  1:20:45 PM
Invador:  you  1:21:19 PM
Invader:  ...  1:21:27 PM
Invader:  im stressed  4:25:21 PM
Invader:  *bruh*  4:25:27 PM
Erook22:  hi  12:16:08 AM
Erook22:  I killed this man  12:16:20 AM
Invader:  Killed Who?  11:52:40 AM
Invader:  bruh...  3:31:40 PM
Invader:  no one here?  3:33:52 PM
Invader:  bruh.  3:34:03 PM
Invader:  (stressed again)  3:35:01 PM
Invader:  dont like being stressed..  3:38:56 PM
Kefuu:  yo yo  1:10:59 AM
Kefuu:  anyone out there  1:11:03 AM
Kefuu:  alright see ya  1:11:32 AM
ASTROBOSS:  hey  1:12:01 AM
ASTROBOSS:  there is a filter, its me :)  1:12:11 AM
Brynisfat123:  this game is ded  8:21:03 AM
zanes:  hey  7:32:19 PM
zanes:  can i join  7:32:54 PM
Invader:  ...  7:33:40 PM
zanes:  hello  7:34:03 PM
Invader:  i changed weapons bro  7:36:50 PM
Invader:  player seeker, mouse seeker, and turret.  7:37:04 PM
Invader:  bruh  7:37:54 PM
Invader:  me too strong for u sry bro _  7:38:15 PM
Invader:  breh  7:38:24 PM
Invader:  B R U H  7:42:18 PM
zanes:  bruh join  7:43:12 PM
neon2019:  hello  9:28:11 PM
VanZen:  https:botbattles.ioparty5c79cb31b59dfe0016b3fdd0pinkwarthog40  9:29:07 PM
Maxwwellhi:  play the game  6:53:57 PM
BubbleButt:  hey  5:38:33 PM
BubbleButt:  Hello  5:38:39 PM
Invader:  Hello :)  8:57:16 PM
viruzzYT:  hi  1:07:37 PM
Adriankiller:  hi  1:02:32 PM
FiletArmed:  hello  1:19:57 PM
FiletArmed:  who party?  1:20:05 PM
Nuklear:  HI  9:29:16 PM
Adriankiller:  hey sup  12:45:40 PM
Adriankiller:  hi  12:46:38 PM
Sgt_Vyygs:  Hey who wants to play?  12:47:20 PM
Adriankiller:  me  12:47:37 PM
Sgt_Vyygs:  ok  12:47:46 PM
Sgt_Vyygs:  who party?  12:47:49 PM
Adriankiller:  mine  12:48:00 PM
Sgt_Vyygs:  ok  12:48:04 PM
Adriankiller:  i wil invit you  12:48:22 PM
Sgt_Vyygs:  ok  12:48:26 PM
Adriankiller:  wait  12:48:36 PM
Sgt_Vyygs:  ...  12:48:44 PM
Adriankiller:  invit me  12:49:08 PM
Sgt_Vyygs:  you create  12:49:19 PM
Adriankiller:  ok and join  12:49:32 PM
Adriankiller:  wait im joining now  12:50:38 PM
Adriankiller:  come on  12:51:34 PM
Sgt_Vyygs:  just press play  12:51:55 PM
Sgt_Vyygs:  wait  12:55:38 PM
Adriankiller:  hi  12:55:44 PM
Sgt_Vyygs:  ok press play  12:55:55 PM
Adriankiller:  ok  12:56:02 PM
Adriankiller:  hey  12:57:16 PM
Adriankiller:  dude  1:05:37 PM
Sgt_Vyygs:  wat  1:05:44 PM
Adriankiller:  play  1:06:03 PM
Sgt_Vyygs:  no  1:06:10 PM
Sgt_Vyygs:  iplaybots  1:06:14 PM
Sgt_Vyygs:  i play bots  1:06:18 PM
Adriankiller:  i tell u my name  1:06:34 PM
Adriankiller:  yo  1:14:03 PM
Adriankiller:  hi  1:15:59 PM
Adriankiller:  hi  5:21:39 PM
Adriankiller:  Hello  5:22:04 PM
Adriankiller:  hi  9:18:04 PM
Adriankiller:  im adrian  1:15:42 AM
Adriankiller:  hu  1:15:53 AM
Alastor:  hello  1:16:20 AM
Adriankiller:  Alastor  1:20:42 AM
ananasek130:  hi  8:58:13 AM
Adriankiller:  hi]  2:47:10 PM
Ninja:  brian  2:21:48 PM
XboxPlys96:  noobs  11:19:54 AM
time_vex:  yo guys  8:47:07 PM
time_vex:  is anyone online?\  9:01:32 PM
Adriankiller:  yo  9:05:57 PM
time_vex:  oof  9:08:48 PM
time_vex:  gg  9:08:52 PM
time_vex:  hiiiiiiiiiiiii  9:12:24 PM
Adriankiller:  time  9:12:25 PM
time_vex:  are you mad?  9:12:38 PM
Adriankiller:  not a fucken canch  9:12:59 PM
time_vex:  ima play now  9:13:01 PM
Adriankiller:  no i w  9:13:10 PM
time_vex:  you there?  9:15:56 PM
time_vex:  oh he aint  9:16:11 PM
Adriankiller:  hi  10:41:02 PM
kaikai:  someone paste a game id  8:25:37 AM
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh:  ajhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  3:01:50 AM
coopertrooper:  hey  3:01:58 AM
xurket is a bot at everything:  hi  9:07:09 PM
Connecting to server...